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School Swimsuit Youmu and GeekTool

In the week before the last, I discovered two wonderful things from the internet. The first is the following wallpaper of Konpaku Youmu: What makes this wallpaper awesome is how Sakuya Tuitachi, the illustrator, shade the swimsuit. (Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more.) The flowery background was put together by Ryo Hiiragi of I.S.W […]

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キラ~☆ for Peace

You probably heard the news. Today is one of the darkest days in the history of Thailand. Conflict is natural, but violence is not. Everybody knows violence is bad. Yet people forget this fact so easily. It’s because people forget that there are alternatives. It’s because people let group psychology get better of them. It’s because people […]

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Random Bits #6

Seems like I’m suffering from Hiatus Disease. Yeah, your job can make you become a lazy blogger, especially one where you have to multitask.

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Enjoying Manga/Anime in Thailand

I’m Thai although I have been living abroad for six years, and my passion for manga and anime developed there. I have come back to live in Thailand now, for two years at least. The first question I asked myself was “Will I be able to enjoy manga and anime like I used to?”

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Atelier-Sai’s 1/6 Black Waitress Mikuru: 仕事頑張って、フィギャア貰った。

Today is one of the happiest days in my life. After a 4-month long internship at a Japanese game company, the titular figure was given to me by my boss during my farewell party. It is my first figure, and definitely the most precious one that I will put on my every future office desk […]

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Random Bits #4: Doujin Work Anime, Nanoha Car, & Hayate no Gotoku! Book 10

Doujin Work anime: This is probably old news to almost everyone, but I was just informed yesterday by the cover of April’s Manga Time Kirara that Doujin Work is getting an anime adaptation. (You can read more about the manga in my earlier post.) The “I’m gonna try hard until it gets an anime adaption” […]

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Wonder Festival 28

I attended the 28th Wonder Festival today. Although I’m no figure collector, I do enjoy going there just to take photos. (I think I might have become a camera freak lately…) Here are some figures I thought were seriouly cool:

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AOU 2007: Arcade Games Galore

My boss came to me on Thursday and asked, “Do you like games?” Well, yes of course! Otherwise, I wouldn’t be interning in a game company like this! However, what he meant was that he was going to give me a ticket to the All Nippon Amusement Machine Operators’ Union Expo 2007, aka AOU 2007. […]

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Random Bits #3: Camera Test Run and Sankuri 34 Report

Camera Test Run I have just acquired a Canon EOS KISS Digital N (known as the Digital Rebel XT in the US) from Akihabara today after a long trek to Sankuri 34. (A picture of the loots available below.) Well, so here are some pictures of my small otaku room that I just moved in […]

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Sunshine Creation 34 Window Shopping List

Cardcaptor has returned to Japan for an internship again, and he is going to attend Sunshine Creation 34, aka Sankuri 34, this coming Sunday. Let us take a look at circles he’s going to check out.  恋愛漫画家 (A-12ab): For the new Code Geass book. サークルAV (A-47ab): Let’s see what they have to offer. Pink Chuchu […]

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