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Negima is Awesome

I didn’t sleep last night because I marathoned chapter 152-206 of Mahou Sensei Negima. It was that good. Here’s why: Designs Costumes, beasts, cities, environments, and battle choreography. Detailed and beautiful.Akamatasu-sensei sure get himself a group of assistants with l33t skillz.

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Mahou Sensei Negima 180: Outbreak! Negi Wars

Anya starts conversing with her two new found comrades, Nodoka and Yue, of the Flat Alliance. When Yue asks her whether she has pactiod with someone, Anya flustered and denied having done so, saying that finding a partner requires much prudence. She also adds that perhaps Negi might have formed a pactio with Asuna, but […]

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Mahou Sensei Negima 179: Pure Anya Goodness

Anya hath cometh, and the first thing we see is her loli panties. Anya Flame Buster Kick!!!

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Mahou Sensei Negima 178: Mizugi Fanservice

It’s time to pick up the Negima summary now that I have more time for blogging. (This might change in the future though.) In this chapter, the Negima club goes to the beach! Fanservice ensues. Hmm… Healthy Asuna is healty…

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Random Bits #5: The End of Utaraji, Doujin Work, and I Want to be Nagi’s Pet.

The End of Utawarerumono Radio In an episode filled with Yuzu-nee’s “Yuzu-chan and Riki-chan are going to get mar…,” Yuzu-nee announces that the program is coming to an end for good by the end of June after running for about a year. (About two-three times as long as typical radio shows.) Aww… They run out […]

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To LOVEる 39: Costume Mayhem

Yabuki-sensei continues to deliver quality fanservice, in both the most blatant and the sublter way. Rito, Mikan, and Lala go skating, quite an unlikely setup for skinny fanservice, eh? Well, don’t underestimate the writer! Lala is good at it already though it’s the first time she skates. Rito sucks royally, so he complains that he […]

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Mahou Sensei Negima 154: Electronic Warfare, Simplified (Catching-up Edition)

Apologies for no Negima & School Rumble summary for a long while. Chiu, Makie, and Iinchou gets transfered to a virtual space filled with water and fish. Donning Mahou Shoujo Biblion costumes, they wage electronic warfare with Chachamaru. Preparing for battle, Chiu changes into Biblion Roulin(?) Rouge costume with her artifact.

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Toloveru 38: Eve + Yuri = Yami-chan = Delicious

As you might know, Cardcaptor is a fanboy of the stylish loli by the name Eve of the Black Cat fame. Now that Yabuki Kentarou decides to include her in the supreme fanservice extraordinaire manga Toloveru, Cardcaptor is overjoyed beyond words. Moreover, Yabuki-sensei gives her a slight hint of Yuri this time. What more can […]

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Mahou Sensei Negima 153: Go! Negi-bouzu!

In every shounen manga/anime/game that involves a motley crew of do-gooders storming a villain’s hideout, there definitely are scenes in which the hero’s friends would stay behind to hold care of enemies, saying cheesy lines like “Leave this to me” and allowing the main guy to proceed, This is basically what happen in this chapter.

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From the Creator of “Jam it in!”: Doujinwork

When I knew that the doujin artist who brought us “Jam it in!” is actually a professional manga-ka, I was overjoyed. His name is Hiroyuki, and he has been penning Doujinwork, a 4koma manga about a group of quirky doujin artists and their quirky interactions, and serializing it in Manga Time Kirara since 2005. In […]

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