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Today’s Nico Nico: CNNwwwww

The famous Bad Apple!! monochrome PV made it to CNN, but the best thing was that the anchor claimed it was made by stop motion photography. Apparently, the original PV was made using a 3D software because you wouldn’t get antialiasing and detailed rotations otherwise. The guy who made the stop motion version below just […]

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Today’s NicoNico: Nadeko Festival

Nadeko Snake DVD was released today, and the limited edition comes with Renai Circulation CD. Of course, the full version of the music was uploaded to NicoNico, and it is now ranking #1. The song is very cute and addictive. The middle part of the song where Nadeko whispers “Ko-i-su-ru O-to-me-wa…” gave me goose bumps. […]

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Today’s Nico Nico

Extremely well done Rail Gun/Chaos;HEAD crossover MAD 【ニコニコ動画】ジャンプ漫画家がナルトを描いてみたJump’s Mangaka drew Naruto to celebrate the manga’s 10th anniversary.Personal Favourites: Takeshi Obata of Bakuman and Yabuki Kentarou of Rurouni Kenshin (precisely because there’s Kenshin in the picture) Department of MikuMikuDance 【ニコニコ動画】【MMD】淋しい熱帯魚【秋月涼・桜井夢子】Akitsuki Ryou and SAkurai Yumeko do Shibashii NettaigyouLove the background and the self-shadow.

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○○ is traing…

A new meme is emerging from Fight! Ippatsu Juuden-chan’s ED. It’s called the ○○がトレーニング (lit: xxx is training) series. The meme itself doesn’t have anything much, really. Just some scantily-clad girls running on treadmills. (Read: a recipe for success!) Of course, when a meme is born, the Touhou girls are the first to be mashed […]

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The Type of Room I Want to Have…

【ニコニコ動画】プロジェクタのあるオタク部屋~「キモッ」と言ったら負け編~ …but I can’t have since I’m messy. How much do all these gears cost? Man, that guy must be filthy rich.

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Japanese(?) I Learned from Nico Nico Douga #2

ヘブン状態 (heaven joutai) In a female-oriented (read: fujoshi-bait) DS game called “DUEL LOVE,” you can use the touch pen to, err, “wipe the sweat” of the bishounen below to sway his mood like this: angry –> annoyed –> normal –> happy –> embarassed –> HEAVEN JOUTAI!!

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Taiga and Minorin Go Deculture

Watch below how Taiga suddenly bursts out “kimi wa dare ni kissu wo suru…” in a family restaurant. 【ニコニコ動画】消すぜぇ~超消すぜぇ~ Seriously, Triangler is a much better OP song than Pure Parade. By the way, the original video was removed already thanks to Kings Record. This one will be gone in a few hours as well I […]

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Aso Taro LDP Channel on Nico Nico Douga

Aso Taro just opened his own channel at Nico Nico Douga today, and here it is: He also greeted the users of Nico Nico Douga with the following message: 【ニコニコ動画】麻生太郎総裁からのメッセージ After some digging around, the LDP has been using video sharing sites to communicate for quite some time. They have a Youtube channel since […]

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To Aru Majutsu No Index, The Musical

One creative MAD maker at Nico Nico Douga took advantage of well-animated lip movement of Index in the first episode of TAMNI in the most delightful way. He/She had Index sing “Yume Wa Owaranai,” while still hanging on Touma’s balcony. 【ニコニコ動画】インデックスさんがテイルズオブファンタジアOP曲を熱唱し始めました。 The MAD is brilliant for its perfect lip-synch. It’s also quite funny. I loled at […]

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Too-giza-detailed-to-deliver Anime Impression

Dominating the Nico Nico ranking chart this week (before it was taken out) was clips of “Too-giza-to-deliver Anime Impression Championship” (ギザ細かすぎて伝わらないアニメものまね選手権), a competition in which people do live-action reenactment of anime scenes. The show was hosted by Shoko-tan, Otaking, and a talking pink cat. I seriously recommend the clips. They are so hilarious just for […]

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