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The Evolution of Creativity: Nico Nico Douga and Doujinshi Subculture in Web 2.0

I gave a talk on Nico Nico Douga at Barcamp Bangkok on January 26, 2008. The event itself was fun and I got to meet a lot of interesting people, many of whom shared some obsession with Japanese media like I do. I’m posting here a revised version of the talk script and the talk […]

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Making Money out of Free Anime?

Over at his post on copyright, omo got into an argument with Avatar on copyright over anime. Avatar’s argument is that, since making anime is so costly, you cannot let people torrent anime like music, manga, or any other media. Animators has to be fed so that they get their jobs done before the next […]

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Crypton’s Cease and Desist Letter: My View

Darkmirage blogged recently that Crypton sent Cease & Desist letter to a doujin circle that was trying to sell overpriced Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin dakimakura. He purported that the dakimakura can be categorized as a mere bootlegger’s attempt to reap cash from the VOCALOID boom. As far as I understand his idea, CLOCK☆HEARTS is […]

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Praise the Hiyorin

I got a couple of weird kicks watching Hiyorin’s exploits in Lucky Star 18 & 19. I seriously thought she was the greatest character EVAR. Now I think I know why…

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Thai police raided manga shop for sexy comics and DVDs.

(The following portion of the article is summarized from local news reports.) On July 19, police officers from the Public Security Bureau raided a manga/anime goods shop “Akiba” in Siam Square, a popular hangout of Thai teenagers. They arrested the owners, Thawatchai Prueksrisakul (26) and Warunee Kampolkanjana (45), and accused them with possession of obscene […]

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Random Bits #5: The End of Utaraji, Doujin Work, and I Want to be Nagi’s Pet.

The End of Utawarerumono Radio In an episode filled with Yuzu-nee’s “Yuzu-chan and Riki-chan are going to get mar…,” Yuzu-nee announces that the program is coming to an end for good by the end of June after running for about a year. (About two-three times as long as typical radio shows.) Aww… They run out […]

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