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Rental Magica #13

Yes, I’m still watching the series though my resolve to blog it is so really easily chattered. The series kind of went downhill for me because there has been nothing really happening story-wise. I’m also getting sick of Itsuki. Spewing kindness around to random human and ghosts makes him so unhuman. But #13 is different. […]

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Rental Magica #3

Mikan-chan episode! Mikan-chan, kawaii yo, Mikan-chan!

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Rental Magica #2

This episode is material-heavy. We learned that Itsuki’s eye turned into what it is today when he, led by Honami, entered a haunted house created by spirit wave contamination. They were chased by a translucent blob. Anime cliche #54 dictates that Itsuki the boy must protect the girl who will so love him in the […]

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Rental Magica #1

Rental Magica’s premise is, like, my cup of tea: shounen actions with lots of cute girls, and the girls do have massive firepower. Now, add sorcery, familiar beasts, and rocket broomstick, and it should be just plain win. However, the first episode didn’t impress me that much.

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