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To LOVEる 39: Costume Mayhem

Yabuki-sensei continues to deliver quality fanservice, in both the most blatant and the sublter way. Rito, Mikan, and Lala go skating, quite an unlikely setup for skinny fanservice, eh? Well, don’t underestimate the writer! Lala is good at it already though it’s the first time she skates. Rito sucks royally, so he complains that he […]

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Toloveru 38: Eve + Yuri = Yami-chan = Delicious

As you might know, Cardcaptor is a fanboy of the stylish loli by the name Eve of the Black Cat fame. Now that Yabuki Kentarou decides to include her in the supreme fanservice extraordinaire manga Toloveru, Cardcaptor is overjoyed beyond words. Moreover, Yabuki-sensei gives her a slight hint of Yuri this time. What more can […]

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