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Eden of the East #02

We learned that Noblesse Oblige cellphone is nothing magical, but it makes things happen with the power of money. Kondou Yuusei, the debt-ridden cop is introduced, and he will be after Akira cellphone’s in the next episodes. Would this mean that Kondou would be killed by the Supporter soon?  Or… If he can see how another Selecao […]

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Eden of the East #01

When I saw the preview and read the story premise of Eden of the East, I became super excited and went into gosh-I-cannot-wait-for-it-to-air-gyaaaaaaa mode. I totally expected the first episode to blow me away. It didn’t, and I’m now in denial. By all means, it’s not that the first episode is bad. The animation is […]

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Shangri-la #01: Kyoto Protocol, Hedge Funds, and Lolis

Seriously, Shangril-la couldn’t have chosen a better time to air than now: when the world is worried about global warming, and when the financial market is tanking. And, of course,  it’s all the better when you throw actions, and, most importantly, THREE, not just one, OUTSTANDING LOLIS to the mix. Other observations: WTF, a ban […]

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K-On! #01

I’m lazy, but still wanna blog a bit. So you get Momotato-styled post. A retarted girl got recruited to form a band with a foolhardy tomboy, a tsundere who doesn’t know how to say no, and an ojou-sama who never have had fast food outside in her entire life. Yui’s retardedness is annoying. Of course, Mio […]

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Maikaze’s Anime Posted in Nico Nico

Dude! Watch this IMMEDIATELY! 【ニコニコ動画】東方アニメプロジェクト 舞風「夢想夏郷」第1話 Reimu’s donation box, Patchouli’s books, and SDM’s coffee and drink supplies all disappear in the same night. Reimu goes to SDM investigate with Aya and Marisa in tow. The gang goes to see Patchouli, whom Reimu thinks stole the the donation box (without any reason). Patchouli fights Reimu with […]

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First Impression: Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka #1-#2

I enjoyed the first two episodes of Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka a lot. Why? Because Yuuhi is refreshingly cute despite being yet another stereotypical tsundere voiced by Kugimiya Rie.(Not that I mind the tsundere though.) First, the character design is good. I like big eyes are stuffs.

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First Impression: To Aru Majutsu no Index #1

To Aru Majutsu no Index’s premise is hard to resist: school-life fantasy anime with flashy battles between espers and magic users. Naturally, I have a lot of expectation for the series. Although the first episode was not flashy as I expected, it managed to be entertaining. It’s all because of the characters: Touma is a […]

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First Impression: Kannagi #1

Jin Mikuriya pulls an all nighter carving a statue of a “wood spirit” out of a tree trunk only to find that it later explodes and a young girl emerges from within. The girl identifies herself as a guardian deity of the land from whom all living things in the area were born. The sacred […]

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First Impression: Linebarrels of Iron #1

Lured into the series by nice mecha design, I bought and read the first volume of the Thai-translated version moons ago. The second volume couldn’t be found anywhere nearby, so I stopped there. When I heared Mamiko Noto would voice the anime version, however, I dashed to One Manga and read volume 1-4 in one […]

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Code Geass R2 #22: So Geassingly Surprised…

Surprised! I’m so surprised! So Lelouch is trying to make the world a better place by abolishing peerage, liberating the numbers, and making his two delicious sisters maids! Good moves! Especially the last one, but too bad we didn’t get to see the maids in action. These two have to be maids with the most […]

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