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Japanese(?) I Learned from Nico Nico Douga #2

ヘブン状態 (heaven joutai) In a female-oriented (read: fujoshi-bait) DS game called “DUEL LOVE,” you can use the touch pen to, err, “wipe the sweat” of the bishounen below to sway his mood like this: angry –> annoyed –> normal –> happy –> embarassed –> HEAVEN JOUTAI!!

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Loli ABC

A is for Arche Klain. B is for Becky Miyamoto. C is for Coquelicot.

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Anime Readings #1: Celebrating Two Decades of Unlawful Progress

If you look at Wikipedia page on fansub, the first citation you’ll see is the article “Celebrating the Two Decades of Unlawful Progress: Fan distribution, Proselytization Commons, and the Explosive Growth of Japanese Animation” by Sean Leonard. (Grab the paper here.) I’m writing this post to record what I learned from the paper, and I […]

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The Evolution of Creativity: Nico Nico Douga and Doujinshi Subculture in Web 2.0

I gave a talk on Nico Nico Douga at Barcamp Bangkok on January 26, 2008. The event itself was fun and I got to meet a lot of interesting people, many of whom shared some obsession with Japanese media like I do. I’m posting here a revised version of the talk script and the talk […]

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Random Bits #7

It’s kind of late to say this, but happy new year! Let’s enjoy anime/manga/Japanese media together this year again. ^_^

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Random Bits #6

Seems like I’m suffering from Hiatus Disease. Yeah, your job can make you become a lazy blogger, especially one where you have to multitask.

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Anime Saimoe 2007 Interactive Database

I’m in the process of making an interactive database of Anime Saimoe 2007 Tournament using MIT’s SIMILE Exhibit and Google Spreadsheet. A work in progress is available here: The data are based on the following spreadsheets: Stay tuned as the data entry process is painful indeed… By the way, if […]

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Random Bits #5: The End of Utaraji, Doujin Work, and I Want to be Nagi’s Pet.

The End of Utawarerumono Radio In an episode filled with Yuzu-nee’s “Yuzu-chan and Riki-chan are going to get mar…,” Yuzu-nee announces that the program is coming to an end for good by the end of June after running for about a year. (About two-three times as long as typical radio shows.) Aww… They run out […]

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Anime Internet Radio

I have been listening to internet radio shows of anime programs for quite some time, especially in the last two weeks. These shows are a great way to entertain yourself while you’re coding or working in front of a computer. The following are some that caught my attention lately:

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Random Bits #4: Doujin Work Anime, Nanoha Car, & Hayate no Gotoku! Book 10

Doujin Work anime: This is probably old news to almost everyone, but I was just informed yesterday by the cover of April’s Manga Time Kirara that Doujin Work is getting an anime adaptation. (You can read more about the manga in my earlier post.) The “I’m gonna try hard until it gets an anime adaption” […]

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