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Wonder Festival 28

I attended the 28th Wonder Festival today. Although I’m no figure collector, I do enjoy going there just to take photos. (I think I might have become a camera freak lately…) Here are some figures I thought were seriouly cool:

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Sunshine Creation 34 Window Shopping List

Cardcaptor has returned to Japan for an internship again, and he is going to attend Sunshine Creation 34, aka Sankuri 34, this coming Sunday. Let us take a look at circles he’s going to check out.  恋愛漫画家 (A-12ab): For the new Code Geass book. サークルAV (A-47ab): Let’s see what they have to offer. Pink Chuchu […]

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A Thought on Dakimakura Covers

The most valued treasures in my otaku collection are Nanoha and Fate dakimakura covers on sale in Comiket 70. Recently, I impulse bought a dakimakura cover featuring Primula that comes with Dengeki Hime Navel Special (NSFW), and it was delivered to me yesterday via DHL. So, I swapped Fate-chan out of my body pillow to […]

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Watching Martian Successor Nadesico, I made a striking discovery. The first users of the word “moe” must be Super Robot otaku! Here are some evidences. In Episode 2 of Nadesico, Daigouji Gai, one of the prominent animated otaku, describe a certain anime show as: 「全39はモエモエっす!」 “All 39 episodes are so moemoe!”

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Twintail Character Database

A fellow named KATIE has created a web site TwinTailSanctuary that keeps a list of all female characters donning pigtails from anime, manga, and games. According to the site, there are at least 538 characters with this moe-zokusei. You can take a look at the list here: Pretty impressive IMHO. The guy seems to […]

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Random Bits #2

I have been playing Xenosaga III for two weeks now, and just ended Chapter 8 last weekend. The game looks great, and I feel that they really try to wrap things up nicely this time. I’m looking forward to finish the last chapter, but that probably is not going to happen soon because I have […]

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Bandai, Gunpla, and the World

Today, I attended the panel presentation “Toy As Media: Bandai, Giant Robots, and Future Entertainment” organized by Prof. Ian Condry of MIT. The panelists were Katsuhiro Izumi, who’s a Chief Producer in the Boy Toys department of Bandai, and Adam Newman of Bandai’s International Business Strategy wing. The lecture room was packed, the presentation was […]

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Lolier than Thou

As we know it, loli characters are the trend in the present otaku world. Characters like the three Nanoha girls, Eve, Franca, blah blah blah are pervading the anime landscape. Without them, you surely feel that the anime lacks a certain appeal. Of course, loli character is too big a topic to discuss in this […]

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Female Character Speech Pattern Compendium

The way an anime character speaks makes a lot of impact on his/her popularity. Suiseiseki wouldn’t have been this popular if she hadn’t ended all of her sentences with “desu,” and Wilhemina would have been just a forgetable character if she hadn’t expressed her militarist trait with “dearimasu.” This entry attempts to identify various speech […]

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Anime Pilgrimage #1: Visiting the Land of Gods

On the weekend of August 5-6, 2006, I traveled from Kanagawa prefecture, my summer residence, to Hiroshima prefecture, partly to visit Miyajima, one of the three most beautiful views in Japan, and the acclaimed A-bomb domb. (My timing could not have been better since August 6th was the day the A-bomb was dropped in Hiroshima.) […]

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