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Megami Magazine 76 (September 2006)

I checked the local bookstore and was pleasantly surprised that the August’s issue of Megami Maganize is on sale today, so I bought a copy without hesitation. The cover features Youko from Inukami in bikinis with floral design.

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School Rumble 187: O Brother, Where Art Thou?

Published in Weekly Shounen Magazine 34 (2006) In which sisterly love is the theme, Tougou’s sister makes her first appearance, and it’s revealed that Sara is a lesbian and Yakumo is tsundere (towards her sister).

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School Rumble 186: The River of No Return

Published in Weekly Shounen Magazine 33 (2006) This chapter is a collection of short gags involving various 2-C and 2-D students. Minor characters like Kinugawa, Shigeo, and Madoka are given their five minutes of fame.

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My translation has been retranslated to Thai!

Two of my translations of Touhou doujinshis have been retranslated to Thai, edited, and distributed over Pocket Online, a Thai anime/manga related webboard. Those who are interested can find them here: [Touhou] ผีสิงบอร์ดขอแจกของ Edit เพิ่มโดจินอีก 1 ชุด. Thank you Khun BlueDemon for your hardwork.

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Mahou Sensei Negima 143: Terrifying! The Truth of Death Megane!

Published in Weekly Shounen Magazine 33 (2006) Negi finally decides that he will escape from the cell and return to the last day of the school festival. Facing Takahata, Yue dares Takahata to harm her, one of his former advisees. Takahata follows suit, blowing Yue to the wall, and then starts going after Asuna. who […]

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Mahou Sensei Negima 142: Infiltration! Assault! Negi Rescue Party!

Published in Shounen Magazine 32 (2006) Asuna and co. arrives at the church Nodoka located by reading Mei’s mind. Meanwhile, Negi and Takahata discussed whether Chao’s plan is correct. Takahata says that the Thousand Master might side with Chao since there’s a possibility that a lot of people can be saved in the world she […]

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The Mellowing of Suzumiya Haruhi

I once said that Haruhi is one of the best tsundere ever. Well, the reason is that she can get superbly adorable when she’s deredere. Here are some proofs of the claim: the pictures of Haruhi when she shows her softer side and weaknesses. Coquettishly sticking out her tongue when alone with Kyon. An expression […]

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