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Bandai, Gunpla, and the World

Today, I attended the panel presentation “Toy As Media: Bandai, Giant Robots, and Future Entertainment” organized by Prof. Ian Condry of MIT. The panelists were Katsuhiro Izumi, who’s a Chief Producer in the Boy Toys department of Bandai, and Adam Newman of Bandai’s International Business Strategy wing. The lecture room was packed, the presentation was […]

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Mahou Sensei Negima 151: A Series of Pwnages

Of course, that was not the real title of the chapter. The real one is: “Charging Completed, Negi Revived!!” This chapter turns out to be a series of pwnages, shounen style. More pwnages than the fight in Kyoto. Ebil Chao pwns every one, and then got pwned by Misora… (J/K)

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Lolier than Thou

As we know it, loli characters are the trend in the present otaku world. Characters like the three Nanoha girls, Eve, Franca, blah blah blah are pervading the anime landscape. Without them, you surely feel that the anime lacks a certain appeal. Of course, loli character is too big a topic to discuss in this […]

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Mahou Sensei Negima 150: Raging Fight! Close Fight! Fierce Fight! Mahora Magic-user Troop v. Future Super Science!!!

The exciting battle between Mahora Gakuen students and Chao’s robot army drags on. Evangeline watches the battle unfolding from afar, herself not participating. 3-A girls are having tremendous fun, with Yuuna’s ranking 28th among all participants. Konoka stations herself at the infirmary, treating the wounded with her signature healing magic.

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萌える確率「もえかく」: Nagato Yuki’s Guide to Probability — A Preview

Moe and education seem to be in perfect harmony. Ever since the advent of Moetan, numerous other educational featuring ultra-kawaii characters aimed at fun-loving otaku have sprung into existence. Notable examples include Moe Economics, Kabu de Ikou! (stock trading), and Tsundere Linux. DarkMirage has also written a guide to beginner Japanese grammar that incorporate moe […]

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School Rumble 189: Sleepless in Seattle

Yes, I finally realize it’s time to get off my lazy ass and give School Rumble the love it deserves. It is still February, and the night is cold. The Tsukamoto household is struck by a blackout which seems to last long enough to cancel the effect of heaters and make Tenma uncomfortable. As such, […]

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Female Character Speech Pattern Compendium

The way an anime character speaks makes a lot of impact on his/her popularity. Suiseiseki wouldn’t have been this popular if she hadn’t ended all of her sentences with “desu,” and Wilhemina would have been just a forgetable character if she hadn’t expressed her militarist trait with “dearimasu.” This entry attempts to identify various speech […]

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Mahou Sensei Negima 149: Chisame Smooches Negi

Well, the real title of the chapter is actually “Welcome Negi Party.” The attack to the computer system is too much for Nutmeg and the bespectacled sensei to handle. The intruder seems to have slipped through all the defensive programs, and they can’t employ Type 03 Electronic Spirit (What? EVA03?) because the communication is jammed. […]

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