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Mahou Sensei Negima 153: Go! Negi-bouzu!

In every shounen manga/anime/game that involves a motley crew of do-gooders storming a villain’s hideout, there definitely are scenes in which the hero’s friends would stay behind to hold care of enemies, saying cheesy lines like “Leave this to me” and allowing the main guy to proceed, This is basically what happen in this chapter.

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Twintail Character Database

A fellow named KATIE has created a web site TwinTailSanctuary that keeps a list of all female characters donning pigtails from anime, manga, and games. According to the site, there are at least 538 characters with this moe-zokusei. You can take a look at the list here: Pretty impressive IMHO. The guy seems to […]

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From the Creator of “Jam it in!”: Doujinwork

When I knew that the doujin artist who brought us “Jam it in!” is actually a professional manga-ka, I was overjoyed. His name is Hiroyuki, and he has been penning Doujinwork, a 4koma manga about a group of quirky doujin artists and their quirky interactions, and serializing it in Manga Time Kirara since 2005. In […]

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Mahou Sensei Negima 152: I’ll snipe only you.

Leaving the building, Negi and the gang use a Chao Bao Zi trolley as cover. But when Negi is about to hop to another cover, he notices that someone is on the other side. Jumping out with intention to attack, Negi discovers that the person is Sister Chakti and receives tidings that almost all of […]

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Yeehah! Back to Japan again next year!

I have just received a confirmation of employment from a Japanese game company today. They will hire me for as an intern for five months, and I’ll be working in their research and development wing, but the kinds of work I’ll do has not been decided. Hopefully, I’ll be able to learn how to program […]

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Random Bits #2

I have been playing Xenosaga III for two weeks now, and just ended Chapter 8 last weekend. The game looks great, and I feel that they really try to wrap things up nicely this time. I’m looking forward to finish the last chapter, but that probably is not going to happen soon because I have […]

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