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Random Bits #4: Doujin Work Anime, Nanoha Car, & Hayate no Gotoku! Book 10

Doujin Work anime: This is probably old news to almost everyone, but I was just informed yesterday by the cover of April’s Manga Time Kirara that Doujin Work is getting an anime adaptation. (You can read more about the manga in my earlier post.) The “I’m gonna try hard until it gets an anime adaption” […]

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Byousoku 5 Centimeter #2 and #3: Summary and First Impression

March 4th was the day of (the 13-year-old) Takaki’s and Akari’s reunion after a year of separation, and it happened to be the day I went to Cinema Rise of Shibuya and watched the full Byousoku 5cm. Cinema Rise. In contrast to my image, it’s quite a shabby and old cinema. Well, the seat was […]

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