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Mahou Sensei Negima 179: Pure Anya Goodness

Anya hath cometh, and the first thing we see is her loli panties. Anya Flame Buster Kick!!!

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Mahou Sensei Negima 178: Mizugi Fanservice

It’s time to pick up the Negima summary now that I have more time for blogging. (This might change in the future though.) In this chapter, the Negima club goes to the beach! Fanservice ensues. Hmm… Healthy Asuna is healty…

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We’ve moved!

So I’ve decided to get my own domain, and have managed to move to this new cozy home. Please update your bookmark! The blog: The feed: The comment feed: Still don’t know what really to do with the rest of the web space I have yet. Any suggestion is welcome!

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Random Bits #5: The End of Utaraji, Doujin Work, and I Want to be Nagi’s Pet.

The End of Utawarerumono Radio In an episode filled with Yuzu-nee’s “Yuzu-chan and Riki-chan are going to get mar…,” Yuzu-nee announces that the program is coming to an end for good by the end of June after running for about a year. (About two-three times as long as typical radio shows.) Aww… They run out […]

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Another 10 Female Seiyuu List… Yeah…

So I figure I’d jump into the Seiyuu bandwagon Kurogane started. This list is actually based on how much I’m impressed with the Seiyuu’s talent and personality manifested in both anime and radio programs. It only contains new seiyuus as I haven’t heard the veterans perform much. The seiyuus are not ranked in any particular […]

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