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Crypton’s Cease and Desist Letter: My View

Darkmirage blogged recently that Crypton sent Cease & Desist letter to a doujin circle that was trying to sell overpriced Hatsune Miku and Kagamine Rin dakimakura. He purported that the dakimakura can be categorized as a mere bootlegger’s attempt to reap cash from the VOCALOID boom. As far as I understand his idea, CLOCK☆HEARTS is […]

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Tanaka Rie, a Pastafarian Since 2001

A little known fact about the FSMism is that the Church has been well established in Japan since as early as 2001. Moreover, Tanaka Rie had a stint as a nun in a Pastafarian convent even before Bobby Henderson made the faith’s existence known to Americans in 2005.

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Random Bits #6

Seems like I’m suffering from Hiatus Disease. Yeah, your job can make you become a lazy blogger, especially one where you have to multitask.

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