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Spice and Wolf #1

I dig slice of life. Spice and Wolf should be slice of life, right? I don’t care about that any more. I’ll watch this show for Horo. She has all THE ATTRIBUTES. 250-year-old non-human who take a shape of a young girl? I dig that. Street smart? I dig that. Speaking like an oiran? I […]

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Making Money out of Free Anime?

Over at his post on copyright, omo got into an argument with Avatar on copyright over anime. Avatar’s argument is that, since making anime is so costly, you cannot let people torrent anime like music, manga, or any other media. Animators has to be fed so that they get their jobs done before the next […]

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Rental Magica #13

Yes, I’m still watching the series though my resolve to blog it is so really easily chattered. The series kind of went downhill for me because there has been nothing really happening story-wise. I’m also getting sick of Itsuki. Spewing kindness around to random human and ghosts makes him so unhuman. But #13 is different. […]

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Random Bits #7

It’s kind of late to say this, but happy new year! Let’s enjoy anime/manga/Japanese media together this year again. ^_^

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