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Want to know what it’s like to have Louise and Tabatha sleep by your sides?

Get a headphone. Prepare your heart. And listen to this: <a href=”″>【ニコニコ動画】ルイズ&タバサと小の字になって寝る動画</a> My head exploded multiple times already… Arrggghhhh… Kugyuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!!

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Clannad: A Bleak Look at Family and Child Raising

I’m at Episode 20 of Clannad now. There’s no complaint about the animation, the comedic timing, or the emotion KyoAni could project. So, expression-wise, Clannad gets an almost perfect score. Story-wise, it has down-to-earth stories that I think many find touching and easy to relate to. However, thinking about what happen to each family, I […]

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Loli ABC

A is for Arche Klain. B is for Becky Miyamoto. C is for Coquelicot.

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Negima is Awesome

I didn’t sleep last night because I marathoned chapter 152-206 of Mahou Sensei Negima. It was that good. Here’s why: Designs Costumes, beasts, cities, environments, and battle choreography. Detailed and beautiful.Akamatasu-sensei sure get himself a group of assistants with l33t skillz.

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Japanese(?) I Learned from Nico Nico Douga

wktk (wakuteka) Stands for ワクワクテカテカ (wakuwakutekateka). “Wakuwaku”is an onomatopoeia for being excited, and “tekateka” for gleaming. It is used to express the feeling of expectation for a good thing that’s going to happen soon, like when you’re waiting to watch a good video while it’s loading, or the state that Tama-chan is in below: wktk

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Anime Readings #1: Celebrating Two Decades of Unlawful Progress

If you look at Wikipedia page on fansub, the first citation you’ll see is the article “Celebrating the Two Decades of Unlawful Progress: Fan distribution, Proselytization Commons, and the Explosive Growth of Japanese Animation” by Sean Leonard. (Grab the paper here.) I’m writing this post to record what I learned from the paper, and I […]

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