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Maikaze’s Anime Posted in Nico Nico

Dude! Watch this IMMEDIATELY! 【ニコニコ動画】東方アニメプロジェクト 舞風「夢想夏郷」第1話 Reimu’s donation box, Patchouli’s books, and SDM’s coffee and drink supplies all disappear in the same night. Reimu goes to SDM investigate with Aya and Marisa in tow. The gang goes to see Patchouli, whom Reimu thinks stole the the donation box (without any reason). Patchouli fights Reimu with […]

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ZUN’s “Doujinshi License”

ZUN’s blog post I partially translated (alternate translation available at Sankaku Complex, of course) seems to generate much controversy both in Japan and in the world of us weaboos. The anime’s promotional video in Nico Nico Douga was made 10 minutes long to allow lots of comments, and there you would find lengthy comments (by […]

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Maikaze’s Touhou Anime and ZUN’s Comment

Maikaze‘s release of their doujin anime “Musou Kakyou” is now the hottest topic in the world of Touhou fans. Some (myself included) are excited about it due to the appearance of big-name seiyuus like Nakahara Mai and Sawashiro Miyuki in the cast list. Some think it’s going to suck big time and be yet another […]

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