Mahou Sensei Negima 143: Terrifying! The Truth of Death Megane!

Published in Weekly Shounen Magazine 33 (2006)

  • Negi finally decides that he will escape from the cell and return to the last day of the school festival.
  • Facing Takahata, Yue dares Takahata to harm her, one of his former advisees. Takahata follows suit, blowing Yue to the wall, and then starts going after Asuna. who cannot do anything but dodging his attacks.
  • Chisame is also caught by the three-headed hound. Being the only one left, Paru decides to use her artifact to fight. She draws a fully armored female sword knight that, upon animation, severs the dog’s leg in one hit, freeing Nodoka. However, the dog can regenerate its leg, and the three girls doesn’t know what to do any more.

Paru’s Servant No.1: Blade Goddess

  • In fact, Yue’s artifact is not merely a magic textbook. It is an encyclopedia of wizardry that can connect to MagicNet (TM) and updates the information it contains. Even Chamo is surprised as it can access Class A classified information.

Yue’s artifact.

  • Reading her artifact, Yue instructs Asuna to perform an attack that, in theory, even Takahata cannot defend himself against. The attack involves chanting a spell (which sounds like “Ultimate Kill” or something like that) and touching Takahata with Asuna’s sword. Asuna lands a direct hit on Takahata, causing a big explosion. However, the attack is totally ineffective. Amused, Takahata lets out a laughter.
  • Yue then realizes that the Takahata appearing before her is a fake. The real Takahata would neither dare harm his former students, nor laugh in such a manner. He would also call every one of the Baka Ranger by her first name, and Negi by “Negi-kun,” not “Ayase-kun” or “Negi-sensei” like the fake one does. Yue then casts a spell she learns from her artifact on Asuna’s sword. The illusion is then destroyed, revealing the midget wizard who has been hallucinating the Negi Rescue Party.

Yue destroys the illusion created by the midget wizard.


Oh, wow! Yuecchi and Pari are so cool here. Although having no firepower at all, a calm and wise tactician like Yue can be a great reinforcement to any fighting force. This chapter shows just that. Negi Party is now invicible. It has a tank (Asuna), three effective attackers (Ku Fei, Kaede, and Setsuna), the ultimate spy (Nodoka), a minion creater (Paru), a hacker (Chisame), a healer (Konoka), and now a strategist (Yue). I also totally agree with Chamo that her artifact suits her really well: there wouldn’t be anything that befits a true lover of knowledge better than a book that allows her to know everything.

Paru’s awesomeness stems from her Servant No.1: Blade Goddess. It’s design is very cool. Paru-sama, stop being a middle-schooler and start a career as a manga artist already! I’ll make sure I buy all volumes of your work! (You can also do some photogravure as a sideline, you know…)

Nevertheless, I’m a little disappointed with how the fight with Takahata turns out as I would love to see Asuna fight Takanata and pwn his ass (maybe with the help of Yue). Oh well, I guess Akamatsu-sensei manages to preserve the “nice guy” image of Takahata for now.

Grade: A-


恐怖 きょうふ be afraid, dismay, terror
正義 せいぎ justice
純粋 じゅんすい pure
要素 ようそ element
動揺 どうよう trembling, being disturbed
一介 いっかい mere, only a…
避ける よける to dodge
正直 しょうじき honesty
打破 だは break-down, abolish, defeat
けい lineage; system
代物 しろもの thing, article, good
破る やぶる to tear, to destroy, to defeat
即戦力 そくせんりょく ready fire power
恩恵 おんけい grace, blessing, benefit
威力 いりょく power, might
渾身 こんしん with all one’s might, with all one’s body
防ぐ ふせぐ to defend against
整う ととのう to be in order, to put in order, to be arranged, to be prepared
居残り いのこり detention
口調 くちょう tone (of speech), expression
脅し おどし threat
屈伏 くっぷく submission, surrender
偽り いつわり fake, falsehood, fabrication
幻覚 げんかく hallucination, illusion
逆襲 ぎゃくしゅう counterattack
あらゆる   all, every
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