s-CRY-ed #1-#8

Yaho! I finally came out of my blogging hiatus. Real life has taken me pretty hard. It was summer vacation in Thailand from April to May, but I had more work than I have had before. *sigh*

So I decided to watch s-CRY-ed basically because people say Yuta Kanami is one of the quintessential lolis out there. Plus, she’s also one of Tamura Yukari’s first leading roles, and Yukarin is awesome.

Too bad, the first 8 episodes do not have much Kanami to show. In each of these episodes, she just dreams about being Kazuma at the beginning and at the end. She’s cute when she scolds Kazuma. (Yes, I have a soft spot for little-sister characters that act mature.) But that’s it. Not enough of her so far.

s-CRY-ed has an interesting premise: the struggle between order and chaos. The Japanese government tries to put Lost Ground under the rule of law. Having lived their lives ungoverned for some 20 years, people of Lost Ground and especially the Altered resist. The two main characters, Kazuma and Ryuho, represents the opposing side: Kazuma tries to fight to maintain his freedom in the lawless land, and Ryuho tries to stop the possibility of the Altered using their power to hurt ordinary human.

However, it doesn’t seem that the anime uses the conflict to explore the question of how much people should be governed. It is said quite explicitly in Episode 8 that government and civilization would make life easier. Instead, the bad is the means the government uses to subjugate dissenting minority. They treat the Altered as abnormal subjects who need to be “conditioned” in order to live peacefully in society, and punish those that do not comply unfairly. Episode 8 also reveals that the Altered captured from lost ground are sent to the mainland for some unknown reasons (which must be sinister for sure).

Kazuma is not interesting as a character. I have seen a lot of characters like him in many manga and anime: he’s naive yet his naivity and single-mindedness makes him charismatic and inspirational to other characters. Ryuho, though, is more complex and interesting. The death of his mother gives him the grand mission of eliminating the threat of the Altered. At the same time, his psyche becomes distorted and petty that he becomes obsessed with fighting Kazuma. The dictionary of anime cliche dictates that he will realize what he has been doing is wrong and shade manly tears for it. I hope the anime does not follow this formula. By the way, Ryuho is also a tsundere for Mimori. You can tell it in when he tells Mimori that he might have to kill Kazuma, whom he thinks Mimori might have a feeling for.

Seiyuu-wise, I like the voice of Scheris Adjani. (Aren’t the Altered supposed to be Japanese and have Japanese names?) A trip to wikipedia informs me that she is voiced by Kurata Masayo, a veteran yet unpopular seiyuu. Her portfolio includes Shinobu from Love Hina, Koyomi from Girls Bravo, Tomoe from Rozen Maiden, and Rashata from Code Geass. This is quite impressive and she sure has got the range. Speaking of Code Geass, Ryuho is voiced by Hikaru Midorikawa, the voice of Li Xingke. In fact, these two characters sound exactly like each other.

I’m going to continue watching the series. I hope that it will become better and better and, of course, that it will have more Kanami.

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  1. Somsak
    Posted August 22, 2008 at 9:19 am | Permalink

    This anime is actually one of the best in my opinion. It is the first fansub I ever watched though.

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