Code Geass R2 #18-#19

Wow and wow. How fast can this anime’s pace get? I thought Episode 15 was fast enough already — C.C.’s history was all revealed in one episode — but then Episode 18 left me speechless. In 24 minues, we have:

  • Kallen gets her new ass kicking mecha.
  • Suzaku shoots FLEIA because of  the “live” Geass.
  • Nunnally and Sayoko vanishes into pure light.
  • Deaths of not-so-significant characters. Lots of them. From a nameless pretty Valkyries, Kinoshita, Guilford, Asahina, to the annoying Lord Bradley.

Episode 19 slows things down a bit, focusing on the Black Knights revolting against Zero and Rolo’s heroics. Dude, Sunrise got me again: I never thought Rolo would die in such a touching way. Most yandere I know — Kotonoha, Kaede, or the Yandere imouto played by Yurishii — would not hesitate to harm their loved ones once things do not go the way they want. So I thought Rolo would do something nasty after Lelouch snapped at him. Instead, Rolo’s epic sacrifice turns him from a normal yandere to an epic yandere. Well, that doesn’t mean I like him though. His “I know everything about you” line is creepy until the end.

Lelouch loses command of the Black Knights, and there’s like 7 episodes left? Where have I seen this before? Well, in Martian Successor Nadesico, the crew loses the ship four (or three) episodes before the last Of course, they eventually regain it, fight against evil, and emerge victorious. The same thing goes for Gundam Wing and various other mecha anime. So Lelouch will retake the Black Knights and somehow go into an awesome showdown with Charles and Schneizel? If it’s some other anime, I’m going to believe that. But with the current pace of the series and its track record of surprising the audience, I don’t know how this series is gonna end any more.

Random Screencaps

Either Lloyd or Cecile has really bad sense for making acronyms…

Who’s responsible for this cutesy startup screen? Must be Cecile…

Cecile: Don’t you think I have a bad sense for UI design, okay?
Lloyd: No, not at all…

Sunrise, why do you like killing off characters so much?

God, this is beyond cool.

I don’t like moe C.C. Get your memory back and kick ass again, will you?

Rivalz: Thank god your boobs are still alive! May I touch them?
Millay: You…

Why! Why do they have to make it so sad? I can’t hate him, now. ORZ

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