Code Geass R2 #20: I don’t understand it myself.

Code Geass is running fast. So fast it fucked my mind. Gazillion things happens in this single episode. Too many things really. I totally agree with some bloggers that the writer must have goofed off here.

First, my prayer has been answered: C.C. regains her memory and moe C.C. is no more. But it all happens in the most anti-climatic way possible. Okay, there’s the surprise element that Anya is Marianne. However, she just enters the world of C to get C.C. back in less than five minutes, revealing that C.C. only sealed her code and memory. Oh, and how C.C. responds when asked why she did that? “I don’t understand it myself. I’m quite surprised, actually.” WTF is this? “Yeah, she needs to get her memory back by the next episode, and we can’t finid a good way to tell you how,” said Mr. Writer?!? Sunrise, you’d better elaborate on this next episode.

So Marianne is up to something from the beginning. She geassed Anya into carrying her will, and has been observing the ruckus her son has caused. I wonder who are the other people in “us” she referred to. The OP made me think they are V.V. and Charles. Moreover, the way she deceived Bismark to gain quick access to Kaminejima because she “[doesn't] have the time to explain it all to [him]” means that Bismark would allow her in if she does take time to talk. This also explains why she doesn’t help Lelouch or Nunnally at all. Oh, what a mother. Just like Charles, her children are just “petty matters.” Plus, she seems to care for C.C.’s feeling for Lelouch than his safety.

Right now, Code Geass has two major plot threads: one of Charles, his destroy-God business and Geass, and the other of Japan’s struggle to gain independence. Lelouch is the bridge between the two, and he’s been jumping between them every 2-3 episodes since Episode 12. If you think about it, it’s interesting how an event in the second plot thread causes him to jump to the other.

  • Shirley’s death is arguably caused in part by her knowledge of Zero’s identity, definitely something of the second plot thread. Lelouch blamed Geass and proceeded to attack the Order, entering the first plot thread.
  • The lost of Nunnally and the Black Nights revolting against him caused Lelouch to decide to kamikaze Charles.

One common things between these transitions is that Lelouch always directs his hatred to someone or something not directly responsible for the tragedies. Rolo kills Shirley, but the Order received his wrath. Suzaku killed Nunnally, but Charles took the blame. Urgh, I don’t get the logic Lelouch has in his head any more.

The most logical thing I found was Schneizel’s action. I surmised that he would stage a coup d’etat sooner or later, and was quite surprised that Suzaku’s words inspired him to made a snap decision to actually carry it out. Thinking again, however, I found the circumstance is perfect for him: Charles is at Kaminejima with only Knight of Twelve by his side, and nothing is better than sending Knight of Seven to assasinate Charles now. Too bad, he doesn’t expect that Knight of One would abandon Kyushuu for the Emperor. On the other hand, it would be interesting to see how Charles would deal with Suzaku if Bismark were not present. Hehe, I would like to see how shocked Suzaku becomes when he learns that the Emperor is immortal before getting pwned by the Emperor’s GARness..

Time for some random screencaps!

You are gonna get raep!

Cornelia: This is not something I should say, but being a noble is not all there is to this world.
In other words, “just go have babies with that Ougi guy.”
Awesome! Cornelia! You pleased the fans.

Kaguya: Although I called him my husband… in the end, we were just married in name.
In other words, you didn’t get to have hawt secks with him?

(Okay, not the right angle, but this is all I could think about when I saw this.)

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  1. Posted August 27, 2008 at 4:57 am | Permalink

    You’re right, Schneizel’s coup d’état has been the most intelligible development in recent history. However, it amounted to nothing because Suzaku got whooped and Lelouch ended up doing the work. The writers defeated their own plot for some odd reason.

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