Too-giza-detailed-to-deliver Anime Impression

Dominating the Nico Nico ranking chart this week (before it was taken out) was clips of “Too-giza-to-deliver Anime Impression Championship” (ギザ細かすぎて伝わらないアニメものまね選手権), a competition in which people do live-action reenactment of anime scenes. The show was hosted by Shoko-tan, Otaking, and a talking pink cat. I seriously recommend the clips. They are so hilarious just for the acting alone, and you would be amazed by how well the contestants could imitate anime characters. Of course, if you grew up watching/reading classics like Dragon Ball, Fist of the North Star, or Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, the experience of viewing it would be all the better. Too bad, I haven’t read or watched Jojo, so I didn’t appreciate some contestants at all.

The first clip contains most of the first round. I love the Gian, Tongari, Mononoke Hime, and Tarzan impressions.

The first round continues in the second clip. Then 16 contestants and one team passed to the semi-final. Too bad, most contestants ran out of ideas and ended up using the same content. (Like the Tongari guy just changed “butagorrilla” to “butakimuchi.”) Those who are prepared for multiple rounds, though, really shone. I was impressed by Yano Tomoyuki’s performance as four characters in Fist of the North Star, and Inagiki Saki’s impression of Evangelion’s Shinji.

Then five teams got to the final. The highlight of the clip is, again, Yano Tomoyuki’s enactment of the scene where Kenshiro fights Uighur the Warden. How he did the Hyakuretsu-ken made my day. Next, it would seem that the judges couldn’t decide on the champion, so they called for a “new final” round between Yano Tomoyuki and 360 Degree Monkeys, a duo whose specialty was Jojo reenactments (which I didn’t get at all). To my joy, Yano Tomoyuki reenacted the final battle between Raou and Kenshiro and won the tournament.

Watch immediately before they are gone!

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    Oh god, please, do a ZA WARUDO.

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