Code Geass R2 #22: So Geassingly Surprised…

Surprised! I’m so surprised!

So Lelouch is trying to make the world a better place by abolishing peerage, liberating the numbers, and making his two delicious sisters maids! Good moves! Especially the last one, but too bad we didn’t get to see the maids in action.

These two have to be maids with the most fashionable hair ornaments ever!
Too bad, Lelouch didn’t give them more fashionable costumes.
Like, Carline can use a nurse getup, and Guinevere can be a dominatrix. Right?

Those who are lolicons for Tenshi-sama shall die in battlefield.

But, sinces he’s Lelouch, he’s up to no good. As expected, he has built yet another evil organization. This time, though, his costume designing sense is a lot more, err, outrageous.

You cannot be evil with evil-looking costumes!

The Knights of Rounds are not pleased! They are out to get rid of the phony Emperor for good, only to find out that Suzaku has upgraded to Lancelot Albion, with hax power. Surprise! Lloyd and Cecile have been conveniently transferred to Brittania for no apparent reason! Well, who else would provide Suzaku with teh hax Knightmare Frame? As a result, Dorothea Ernst has only three lines throughout the show. Damn Sunrise for wasting such an awesomely designed character. And Monica dies despite being so cute. T_T

Sunrise: Sorry. We don’t have enough to pay Onee-chan to voice two characters at once.

Sunrise: Neither do we have enough to pay Gotouther-sama.

Bismark has the same Geass as Nunnally’s. How he was defeated was beyond my grasp. Is it like Suzaku using the “live” Geass to force himself to do something unexpected? Well, that aside, it is established that Marianne is the l33test pilot in the show. She forced Bismark to use his Geass while piloting only a mere Ganymede prototype!

Now I see a trend: any awesome and manly character with no yaoi potential must die.

On the other hand, Gino’s life was spared. Well, he has a yaoi potential with Suzaku after all. Now he’s getting emo for where his loyalty should lie. Ah, you damned noble with no goals in life.

Gino: Ansai-sensei, basuke ga yaritai desu!

Need I mention that Suzaku’s getup is a lost more fujoshi-bait? Dude! Sunrise, give us the male population more fanservice here! Nunnally in an open-air onsen at that, k’thx.

Suzaku Albion, the most sexay Knight evar…

Okay, so Lelouch was trying to get into the UFN or something to accomplish his “Zero Requiem” thingie, which I have no idea what it’s about. Ah, Sunrise, you f*ck my mind again. I give up. I cannot keep up with your logic any more. Meanwhile, Schnizel and the gang are hiding in Cambodia. One thing is certain, he can withstand heat and humidity.

It’s 35 degrees Celcius or more here in Southeast Asia, yet the 2nd Prince can still wear that heavy attire…

Lelouch chooses Ashford Academy as the place to hold the Brittania-into-UFN meeting. Smart move. Not only he knows the place like his backyard, the Academy is also where Nina is most likely to be found. Lelouch enters the Academy not accompanied by any personal guards, and he is lead by Kallen to the makeshift convention hall made out of the gym. They become alone, and a melancholic good-bye kiss from Kallen ensues. The dorama! They will try to kill each other next episode.

I’m so sorry for you Kallen. This is all you get after all those attempts to bed him.

Yeah, so the reason why Lelouch doesn’t need a bodyguard is because Suzaku can launch from the ocean to Ashford in three seconds! WTF! I’m so surprised here! With that, Lelouch forces the UFN to accept Brittania, and now he holds the majority of the vote because Brittania is so large. He also pisses me off because he makes Kaguya-sama cry!

Damn you, Lelouch!!!!!!!!111111111

But Lelouch’s quest for what-the-f*cking-plan-he-has-in-mind-aka-Zero-Requiem is not without obstacles. Schnizel FLEIAs something in Brittania with Laputa Damocles.

Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa Yousai Damocles

Schnizel: 「見ろ、人がゴミのようだ

But the biggest surprise of them all is the he also has Sheeta Nunnally under his control. And she’s ready to go to war against her Onii-sama. Oh, I’m so Geassingly surprised… Surviving FLEIA is not enough… Now this?  Well, at least Nunnally’s serious face is awesome, and her brother’s distorted visage provides quite some entertainment.

And here’s the last set of villains(?)

Lelouch: Nunnallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111

Nunnally: 「いいかげんにしろ、ダメ兄貴☆」

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  1. Posted September 7, 2008 at 6:59 pm | Permalink

    Sunrise isn’t dumb, since every new episode has no actual semblance of a connection to the previous one, the fanboy fanservice is guaranteed to skyrocket next week.

  2. cardcaptor
    Posted September 8, 2008 at 12:51 am | Permalink

    I hope what you said is true. They should have realized that they also have male moe-otaku fan base to please as well. Some Nunnally moe-moe moments plz~.

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