First Impression: Linebarrels of Iron #1

Lured into the series by nice mecha design, I bought and read the first volume of the Thai-translated version moons ago. The second volume couldn’t be found anywhere nearby, so I stopped there. When I heared Mamiko Noto would voice the anime version, however, I dashed to One Manga and read volume 1-4 in one night. The manga is an entertaining piece and I hope the anime would be the same. Of course, having read the manga before, I feel uneasy about the anime adaptation:

  • Hayase’s flip in personality is too quick. He gets all cocky just after finding that he can destroy a wall with a bare fist. Isn’t he supposed to get shocked or something? Why did he decide to punch the wall in the first place? Untimely teenage angst? The anime Hayase is much dumber than the manga one.
  • Hayase learns that Kizaki is related to Linebarrels already! So there’s going to be no tsun-tsun Kizaki getting dragged into Hayase’s group of friends? Or this delicious Hayase-barging-into-Kizaki’s-room-find-her-naked scene? (Well, we see Kizaki naked this episode already, but the scene lacks comedy.) Or this heart-to-heart talk? Oh, please Gonzo. I know you cannot help butchering the original story, but please fit these scenes in. They’re what make the manga good.

Other than that, the animation quality is solid. The robot fight is great. I don’t really mind the summoning-through-booby or other fanservice. Keep the NEKKETSU pouring like the manga and I’ll keep watching the series.

Seriously, what are you thinking here Mr. Hayase?
Rather, what am I thinking here? LOL

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