First Impression: To Aru Majutsu no Index #1

To Aru Majutsu no Index’s premise is hard to resist: school-life fantasy anime with flashy battles between espers and magic users. Naturally, I have a lot of expectation for the series. Although the first episode was not flashy as I expected, it managed to be entertaining. It’s all because of the characters:

  • Touma is a cool guy: he seems jaded with all the misfortune that befalls him, yet he remains optimistic and always try to help others.
  • Index’s childish exchange with Touma was fun to watch. And, yeah, she’s cute as hell.
  • Mikoto is of course awesome because she has the railgun power. It’s funny to see her trying to get attention from Touma by harrassing and challenging him to fight, much like a grade-school boy who play pranks on the girl he likes. What a tsundere.
  • Oh, Komoe-chan, the devious loli sensei, is great too.


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