First Impression: Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka #1-#2

I enjoyed the first two episodes of Akane-iro ni Somaru Saka a lot. Why? Because Yuuhi is refreshingly cute despite being yet another stereotypical tsundere voiced by Kugimiya Rie.(Not that I mind the tsundere though.) First, the character design is good. I like big eyes are stuffs.


Second, Yuuhi behaves like a sunao-cool for most part of the first episode. She goes straight to make friend with Junichi, and responds gracefully to all teasing remarks. What I find refreshing is that Yuuhi is all soft-spoken and feminine while most sunao-cool girls do not have her ojou-sama mannerism. The sunao-cool self is short-lived, however. But it’s good while it lasts.

Third, her childlike curiosity, displayed in Episode 2, is adorable. Her eyes glow when she sees the kitchen, and she cannot resist pushing buttons of any gadgets in sight. The segment where she repeatedly turns the hairdryer on and off while saying that she’ll reflect on her compulsive button-pushing habit made me smile.

Fourth, the usually graceful/tsuntsun Yuuhi transforms to a airheaded blabberer when she’s half asleep, doing silly stuffs and being “fluffily” moe. I also somehow find the “shinasu~” she utters in this mode slightly, err, erotic.

Yuuhi in “fu-nya-fu-nya” (Eclipse translated it as “fluffy”) mode.

Gyaaaaaa!!!!! So moe I’m gonna die.

Another character that pushes a lot of my moe buttons is Mitsuki Shiina. Must be because she’s a loli. May also be because of the hat and the wing hairpin. By the way, she’s voiced by Tanaka Rie, which I find very surprising because the seiyuu hasn’t played a loli for quite a long time after Chobit’s Chii.


The writer puts a good amount of wackiness in. Like, is Junichi’s father Golgo 13 or something? His mother is definitely a Fujiko Mine clone. The director throws in those Mission Impossible scenes randomly, making Akasaka the only eroge anime with EXPLOSIONS and AWESOMENESS. This also reminds me of random Family Guy flashbacks.

I’m sorry… Is this supposed to be an eroge anime?

AWESOME characters in an anime that is meant not to be AWESOME.

Shiraishi Nagomi, the spying pink-haired girl appearing the starting of Episode 2, is another quirky element. I loled at how she uses the instance photo booth as her radio transmission base and how her aho-ge moves as she describes the moment where Junichi chuuuuuuuued Yuuhi.

What’s this “Charara Chara~” supposed to mean?


The plot? Do I have to care for that thing? The only thing you are supposed to enjoy in a non-Key-or-Typemoon eroge anime is the characters, right?

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