K-On! #01

I’m lazy, but still wanna blog a bit. So you get Momotato-styled post.

HEAVEN JOUTAI #1HEAVEN JOUTAI #2HEAVEN JOUTAI #3... Eh!?!HEAVEN JOUTAI #4Erm... Yomi-san? What are you doing here?Mio is LOVE.

A retarted girl got recruited to form a band with a foolhardy tomboy, a tsundere who doesn’t know how to say no, and an ojou-sama who never have had fast food outside in her entire life. Yui’s retardedness is annoying. Of course, Mio is made of pure win in the ED, but what capivated me was the following shot of Ritsu:

Hmm... Ritsu...
I found this very sexy. Don’t ask me why.

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