Eden of the East #01

When I saw the preview and read the story premise of Eden of the East, I became super excited and went into gosh-I-cannot-wait-for-it-to-air-gyaaaaaaa mode. I totally expected the first episode to blow me away. It didn’t, and I’m now in denial.

By all means, it’s not that the first episode is bad. The animation is more than rock solid. The background is gorgeous. The acting and the reaction between characters are enjoyable. It’s just that everything significant is already in the preview. I was expecting to learn more about the cellphone and that other car driving Selecao, but the episode gave me nothing. Arrggghhhh…..

The first episode focuses on the encounter between Morimi Saki and Takizawa Akira in DC. It would seem that Akira’s being naked and losing memory are all premeditated: he even instructed Juiz to give him no information except where he’s supposed to be next. (Smells like Yagami Light, hmm?) In his room, there are M-60s, multiple Japanese passports bearing his face, and a photo of him taken from above a large group of nakedman with a writing 「殺す!」 (lit: Kill!). In the anime’s web site, the photo in question is tagged with ニート失踪事件 (lit: NEET disappearance incident) in which 20,000 young NEETs suddenly disappeared without trace from Japan. Wow, so did Akira masacre those guys to save his country? If so, he’s so much more looney than I expected. Interestingly, he doesn’t seem to care much about who his previous self was, being only mildly surprised at the possibility that he might have been killing people and all.

The Messiah saved Japan by getting rid of NEETs.

Next week, Akira will be chased a cop who also has a noblesse oblige cellphone. The cop must be Kondou Yuusei, who is said to waste the phone’s money on gambling and women, and now he has only 7,000 Yen left. It seems we will be treated to his life story here. I’d rather learn more about the missile attack and Akira’s mystery though.

I’ll continue watching the series for sure, but probably I still have to cut down on my expectation and curiosity. I want the anime to surprise me after all.

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  1. Plaga!
    Posted May 6, 2009 at 4:55 pm | Permalink

    And he *suddenly* concludes that he is a terrorist…
    Anyway, I am definitely going to watch this series. I agree; the art is at high quality, and the story seems interesting.

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