Eden of the East #02

We learned that Noblesse Oblige cellphone is nothing magical, but it makes things happen with the power of money. Kondou Yuusei, the debt-ridden cop is introduced, and he will be after Akira cellphone’s in the next episodes. Would this mean that Kondou would be killed by the Supporter soon?  Or… If he can see how another Selecao uses money, does it mean he’s the Supporter himself?

Kondou Yuusei finger-guns hit debtor.

Three lives at the price of 1,500,000 Yen.

Most part of the episode is about Saki’s following Akira around Tokyo. He’s heading to Toyosu, which is the address in his passport, to figure out who he is. Saki proactively goes after him, asking him to go for coffee and making a sad face when they’re about to part ways. Akira goes along with Saki’s advance and acts just like a prince charming. It feels just like watching a Josei-oriented anime (which is not a bad thing at all).

We also learn a bit about Saki’s and Akira’s past. Saki’s parents died in an accident and she’s now under care of her sister and her husband, Yousuke, whom Saki says an honest man. After listening to Saki’s story, Akira recovered some memory of his own. It would seems he lost his mother when he was young.

Story-wise, this is an uneventful episode, and it is nowhere as exciting as the first. Animation quality also seems to drop somewhat. Still, I like it. (I didn’t expect anything much from this episode after all.) The atmosphere they build around Saki and Akira is very nice, and I also find Saki likeable as a character.

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