Comiket 70 Loot

As I am too lazy to write a full-blown report on the other days of Comiket yet. (Hopefully, I’ll get it done by this weekend.) I figure I’ll post pictures of the loot I managed to get. Although it may be pale in comparison to Shingo‘s ginormous collection, I think it offers a wider variety of stuffs you can get at Comiket. So, here we go…

The most numerous of them all would be Touhou doujinshi, which I’m a really big fan of. (Yes, I mean ONLY the doujinshi because I suck terribly at the game.) I was hoping to get the new book of FLIPFLOPs and Haniwa, but I was too late. (Well, Haniwa’s new book is a collection of his/her old works, so I’m not too disappointed.)

The next most numerous award goes to Tales Series books. I didn’t think I would get this many, but there were a lot of nice artists there.

I was hoping to get more Suikoden V books,but these three were the only one I found appealing as a male.

Haruhi is very popular in C70, but I didn’t feel like buying the series’ pornographic adaptation for some reasons, thus the small number. The book on the top-left corner, though, is titled “Suzumiya Haruhi no Mondaishuu,” transliterated at “the Problem Book of Suzumiya Haruhi.” It’s basically a collection of tests (like a high school test) on your knowledge of Haruhi anime. I think it’s really cool.

Next is three Negima books. The rightmost one is a collection of non-pr0n color illustration. It’s one of the items I’m the happiest to be able to get my hands on in C70.

I also got myself some good looking Nanoha doujins. The CD is the new vocal collection on sale at the Nahona Project booth in the Industry Section. It’s all good, but I went there for another item. orz Well, it’s better than nothing anyway.

Next category is the random stuffs. I don’t know the series that gives birth to the doujinshi at the top-left corner. Anyone knowledgable about it, please tell me. Unlimited Maid Work is just so hilarious that I have to get it, and the Goto-p’s illustration collection is just yummy.

Next in line is, erm, something Shingo would buy in large quantity…

The last category is works by famous circles, those situated along the walls so that their lines can stretch outside the buildings. The most painful to get is T2 Artwork’s Bleach book on the top-right corner, but it doesn’t disappoint me at all. Also, thanks Rindi-chan for standing in line for Hiro Suzuhira’s works for me; the laminated maid menu “Berry’s” is so pretty that it made me smile for a couple of hours.

Yes, I save the coolest item for last.

Beware: Shana-tan Infested Area
And, if you wonder how large the collection is, here’s the picture of the stack.

It costed me about 50,000 Yen. Well, at least I’m happy that I didn’t spend as much as last year. Nah, I should have bought more pr0n…

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