Wonder Festival 2006 (Summer)

In the past few weeks, there has been a big hype on a certain event in the anime blog community; perpetrators include Heisei Democracy and ikimashou. They generated a hype big enough that a person who’s not really into that sort of things like me want to check the event out myself. So, on Sunday August 20, my curiosity took me once again to Tokyo Big Sight to participated in the biggest(?) figurine-related event in Japan, the Summer Wonder Festival 2006.

I went there without knowing what to expect, and was half excited. I arrived at Kokusai Tenjijou-seimon station around 1:45PM, thinking that 3 hours would be enough to tour the whole event space. Reaching the East Hall, I paid 2000 Yen for the entrance fee and the guidebook, and started browsing from Hall 6. It turns out that three hours was too short to explore everything, as the event came to closure before I could even go to Hall 3. This means that I missed seeing all the works of famous makers that was featured in HD from time to time.

I was impressed by the sight of well-made figures being displayed. However, as I never collect figures myself, I feel kind of guilty to come only to take pictures. I also realized that I’m a terrible photographer as more than 30% of the pictures I took have something wrong with them: they are either too bright because the flash was used, or too blurry because the flash was not used, so the shutter speed became too slow. I totally understand now why so many people came to the event with expensive-looking digital SLRs: a point-and-snap like the one I have is just too hard to get the exposure right. Well, I’d better be more careful about photos next time around.

Rozen Maiden, To Heart 2, and Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha seem to be the winners of the event. Fate Testarossa, I believe, is probably the single most popular character around, and her figures usually comes with Bardiche Assualt in big sword form (whatever it is called.) Yeah, who doesn’t like a blonde, soft-spoken goth loli who carries a big stick? I also saw a lot of Rei and Asuka in various outfits, but I suppose that they have been made into figures since God knows when. There were, however, fewer Touhou figures than I expected, and lots of those figures were SDs.

And, here are some pictures I took. I’m aware that they suck, and would like to welcome contructive criticism from anyone. In particular, if you have some tips on how to take close-up pictures in situations like Wonder Festival, please feel free to tell me.

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