Today’s Nico Nico: CNNwwwww

The famous Bad Apple!! monochrome PV made it to CNN, but the best thing was that the anchor claimed it was made by stop motion photography.

Apparently, the original PV was made using a 3D software because you wouldn’t get antialiasing and detailed rotations otherwise. The guy who made the stop motion version below just printed the 6566 screenshots and photographed them one by one. (See the making movie below.) He even wrote 「CNNさん、勘弁してくれ、、、」 (trans: CNN-san, give me a break.) in his video comment.

By the way, do you know how the PV came into being? It all started with this video:

This guy had a great idea for a Bad Apples!! PV, so he made a crude storyboard video, and asked people to make the full version for him. One interesting requirement was that Nitori, Alice, and Suika were supposed to be in an onsen, which the monochrome PV completely ignored altogether. Now, the original video is tagged 「うp主は幸せ者」(trans: the uploader is a happy man) because there have been at least 60 artists who offered their labor to render it. See the list for yourself

Before the monochrome version made a splash, there were already a number of famous versions out there. The most famous one features detailed and stylish art, and has gathered more than 1 million hits.

Two months before the above video was uploaded, the same maker uploaded another version. The selling point was that all the characters were scantily clad.

My favorite save the monochrome version is this one below because it’s jam packed with memes.

Technically released after the monochrome version, but who cares?

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