Random Bits #2

  • I have been playing Xenosaga III for two weeks now, and just ended Chapter 8 last weekend. The game looks great, and I feel that they really try to wrap things up nicely this time. I’m looking forward to finish the last chapter, but that probably is not going to happen soon because I have been using my friend’s PS2, and he just got his FFXII today.
  • I marathoned Eureka 7 last week, and it was great! Animation quality is consistent throughout the series. Nice character developments, and the overall idea behind the world is cool. One minor complain I have is thatthe ending is quite too deus-ex-machina-y for me. Anyways, Eureka 7 is now my favourite mecha show, replacing 08th MS Team that I just ranted about recently.
  • My friend in Japan has recently picked up the Naishou Item from the post office, and it is going to arrive here pretty soon. Mwahahahaha! Can’t wait for my sweet dreams! My efforts at Comiket has paid off!!!
  • I bought a Lexmark 2300 printer/scanner last month, but it was just today that I used it as a scanner for the first time. Lessee, here are some crappy fanarts I managed to convert into digital form with it. And no, I can’t color. ORZ… By the way, here’s a challenge for you guys: name all the characters in the second picture. I have no prize to give though. LOL.

Anime Geniuses #1 Anime Geniuses #2: Can you name all the characters?
Lolis. Lots of 'em. Chu, chu, chu!
Unfinished 4koma. Feel free to insert bubbles if you like. Rika-chama
When Touhou and DBZ meet...

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  1. Posted November 6, 2006 at 7:01 am | Permalink

    I think I will marathon Eureka 7 soon too. Thanksgiving seems too be an appropirate time.

    I can see Skuld in the pic.


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