Twintail Character Database

A fellow named KATIE has created a web site TwinTailSanctuary that keeps a list of all female characters donning pigtails from anime, manga, and games. According to the site, there are at least 538 characters with this moe-zokusei. You can take a look at the list here: Pretty impressive IMHO.

The guy seems to be obsessed with blonde twintails, in particular Fate Testarossa, and he also loves Feena-sama. (Pretty much the same taste as mine.) As for me, Emelenzia Beatrix Rudiger recently stole the position of favourite twintail girl from Fate.

By the way, according to the Japanese wikipedia, the word twintail is actually originated from otakus. However, seeing that many of the articles regarding anime fandom there lack source materials, I still wonder if this is entirely true.

This discovery prompted me to googled for some more databases of certain types of characters. Here are what I came up with before I became bored:

Hmm… Seems like I get bored quite easily.

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