Sunshine Creation 34 Window Shopping List

Cardcaptor has returned to Japan for an internship again, and he is going to attend Sunshine Creation 34, aka Sankuri 34, this coming Sunday. Let us take a look at circles he’s going to check out.

  •  恋愛漫画家 (A-12ab): For the new Code Geass book.
  • サークルAV (A-47ab): Let’s see what they have to offer.
  • Pink Chuchu (J-31ab): Game Collection book.
  • Nikka (J-32a): What ever she sells.
  • りーず工房 (J-51a): Can’t find the web site, but hope for a new SRW book.
  • Mieow (N-16b): A new Lolicon series book?
  • P-Forest (Q-21b): SRW book, hopefully.
  • オテントマール (Q-24b): Irui book.
  • Joker Type (ア-01a): Aoi Nishimata’s Valentine book.
  • うつらうららか (セ-08a): Churuya-chan’s artist does Nanoha.
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