Random Bits #3: Camera Test Run and Sankuri 34 Report

Camera Test Run

I have just acquired a Canon EOS KISS Digital N (known as the Digital Rebel XT in the US) from Akihabara today after a long trek to Sankuri 34. (A picture of the loots available below.) Well, so here are some pictures of my small otaku room that I just moved in less than a week ago… (Yeah, I just can’t resist doing a test run…)

My bed, my computer, and my waifu Hayate dakimakura.
(I don’t have the pillow body, so I stick a blanket inside instead.)

My small otaku collection and a Japanese textbook.

Very small, smaller than my old dorm room, but livable nontheless.

Sankuri 34 Report

Sankuri is much smaller and much more slowly paced than Comiket. As such, it does not enjoy the variety that Comiket does: you can only get male-oriented material here. Since this particular Sankuri is just about 1 month after C71, many big names circle are not present. If they do, they tend not to have new works. This situation can be thought of as a chance to get things you miss from the winter Comiket at a price cheaper than that of what’s on sale at doujinshi shops. Plus, if the circle doesn’t have new publications, lines won’t form in front of them and you don’t have to face the agonizing pain called queuing.

Nahoha the Series is extremely popular that there are two sections dedicated to them in two separate halls. Haruhi’s and Zero no Tsukaima’s popularity is still strong, and Touhou series is taking 1/3 of a hall to itself, which makes it even more popular among artists than Fate at this particular convention. Rozen Maiden and To Heart 2′s popularity seems to be waning. Sadly, SRW’s presense is so low, probably due to no releases of new titles in 2006.

I took my time to sleep until it was 10AM, so I arrived at the arena 30 minutes after the event started. As a result, I missed Aoi Nishimata’s, Utsura Uraraka’s, and Reaz Koubou’s new works, but I’m pretty sure they will show up in Tora no Ana or Mandarake after a few days. I tried not to buy too much, but ended up spending about 10,000 Yen altogether. Most of the stuffs I bought are C71 releases, but since I don’t have them to begin with, they are all like new to me and everything is good.

I would like to express gratitude to the circle Kenro Koubo (NSFW). When buying a Zero no Tsukaima from them, I gave a 5,000 Yen bank and got only a 400-Yen change back. (The book was 600 Yen.) Realizing it 30 seconds later, I went back to the circle and told them there was a mistake. They called someone (who seems like their manager of some sort), and asked me to come back after a while. When I got back, the manager guy asked me who much I didn’t get back, and gave me the 4,000 Yen as I told him. I’m sure that it was impossible to check whether they had an extra 4,000 Yen, and I had no evidence whatsoever of the claim I made. As such, I’m touched by their willingness to trust me and to err on the side of benefiting their customers. They are nice people, and I really appreciate them. Thank you. I’ll make sure I buy more of their doujinshis in next time.

Oh well, here are the loots:

The crown jewel of this lot is probably Mario Kaneda’s M17, an ensemble of her original rough sketches and colored illustration. I love her art in Girls Bravo, so this is a must buy. The most expensive of them all is Tracks, a compilation of color illustrations by TOMA (NSFW), the artist behind gorgeous eroge like Maple Colors (NSFW), and Ayakashi (NSFW). I bought two Irui-Sanger books, (Yeah, disturbing. I know.) which are completely platonic. The new book by the circle features Irui and Sanger doing it, which is much much much more disturbing, even to me. On the Touhou side of things, I got three books, two of them in full color. “Life,” featuring Akyu-Marisa pairing, looks really cute, and is a nice change from the standard Marisa-Alice, Marisa-Reimu, Marisa-Patchy, Marisa-Frandre, etc…

All in all, I think I’m quite happy with the loots, and Sankuri was fun. I’ll attend another Sankuri in April to expand my collection. (Mwahaha…)

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