Random Bits #4: Doujin Work Anime, Nanoha Car, & Hayate no Gotoku! Book 10

Doujin Work anime: This is probably old news to almost everyone, but I was just informed yesterday by the cover of April’s Manga Time Kirara that Doujin Work is getting an anime adaptation. (You can read more about the manga in my earlier post.) The “I’m gonna try hard until it gets an anime adaption” prophecy Hiroyuki-sensei made in Volume 1 of the manga has come true, and I’m quite excited about it!

According to the official web site of the anime, Yatani Kenichi of Magical Pokaan will handle the direction, and the character designer Kimishima Ikumoto of Onegai Teacher is in charge of character design. However, looking at the promotion image at the web
site make me feel kind of weird. First, Najimi has been turned into a loli, and Soura loliliciousness has been reduced by quite a lot. Also, Tsuyuri deadpan-ness has been compromised by her making her a Saegusa Miko lookalike. Well, since the character design is a miss for me, I hope that the anime will leave the jokes inside the manga intact. There’s not really anything explicit in it anyway, so it should be easy enough to animate.

More information on the anime will be available in the Tokyo Anime Fair 2007, in which they will show a promotion video and distribute “Anime Secret Book.” Damn, at first I
thought I wouldn’t bother going there, but now I just have to. Hope it’s not as crazy as Comiket or Wanfesu.

On the other note, the 3rd volume of the manga will be on sale on March 27, and Tora no Ana is holding a book-signing session by Hiroyuki-sensei on April 7th. Only 120 participants are allowed though, and it’s decided on the first-come-first-serve basis. *Sigh* Well, let’s see what I can do…

Nanoha Car: The notorious Nanoha car you probably saw from other blogs was parked in Akihabara this past Sunday, and I just happened to be lucky enough to run to it. Man, what a great way to advertise and welcome the advent of Strikers. Here are some pictures of this little beauty I took:

It was my lucky day.

Charging crotch-first…

This is a really creative way to use the dakimakura cover,
but too bad the car owner can’t hump Fate-chan.

Nanona-chan! :D

Hayate no Gotoku! Book 10 is made of pure win and awesomeness. I got my copy from Gamers in Akihabara in the middle of February. The books on sale there all came with this nice postcard featuring Hinagiku in Angelune-tai uniform.

Hata-sensei must have been happy to be able to draw this without copyright issues attached!

The postcard alone was totally the reason I bought the book, but the content inside is just as awesome:

Hayate shows Hinagiku the view of nighttime Tokyo from the tower’s balcony.

Hinagiku realizes her love for Hayate.
By the way, a fellow named Rollingyarn has made a music video out of this chapter.
Check it out here: Fly me to the moon ~ヒナギクの恋~.

Hayate has Bankai?
Squirrel: It’s time to use your Hisatsu, Lu_e Sk_walker…

Hayate: …Hey!! Who the heck are you!?

Nagi’s manga: Magical Destroy.
(Be afraid, be very afraid!)


Hayate’s l33t(?) lip reading skillz...
Saki: What do you like about her?
Hayate: What do you like about me?
The guy: She was very cute when she was young, but, as she grows older, she develop crazy habits.
Hayate: You’ll be cute because you’ll be a young wife. I want to drive you crazy.

Maria: Not at all. Don’t worry, nyan.

A secret book Nagi discovers in Hayate’s room.
(Actually, it’s Tama’s book!)

Ze_n ghost…

Yeah… I’m beat. Time to sleep…

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  1. Eleutheria
    Posted March 12, 2007 at 8:53 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for the heads-up about Hayate vol 10

  2. meganeshounen
    Posted March 13, 2007 at 1:29 am | Permalink

    Hayate 10 looks awesome..

    Here’s to the anime’s good future~

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