Hayate no Gotoku 01: Where are my dark jokes?

I dragged my lazy ass out of bed to watch Hayate no Gotoku premiered on TV Tokyo yesterday at 10PM. My reaction?


You see… I really like the first two chapters of the manga. It has a lot of dark jokes, a good measure of facial distortions, and Hayate’s internal monologue as he is tempted to walk down the path of evil. In other words, they are totally awesome. But the following awesomeness is absent from the anime:

  • Hayate’s psychotic+pedo look as he stalks his prey.

Manga: Completed with the “Haa, haa” sound. You can’t help but think he’s a pedo.

In the anime, we only get a scheming look, and an internal good-evil debate, which is only mildly amusing.

  • “We broke down the sale like this. ♥”

Manga: Unbelievably cruel words are delivered to Hayate directly in his moms cute handwriting. This actually made me laugh at and feel really sorry for him at the same time.

Anime: It’s a surgery that holds the price break-down before he begins dissecting Hayate. Actually, being mined for organs is just an option that the Yakuza tell they can do with him.

  • Nagi’s cheesy fantasy.

Manga: Old-school bishounen Hayate.

This is completely absent from the anime. I thought it would be hilarious to see Hayate being drawn as if he were a member of the Host Club of Ouran Academy.

  • Maria’s running over Hayate and breaking the 4th wall.

Manga: As Hayate lies waiting for the last moment of his life, fate just wants to add injury to insult (sic).

Manga: Maria then proceeds to tsukkomi by smashing the 4th wall.

Anime: Maria stopped her bike about 10m away, and walks towards Hayate. Now, this is much more sensible, but less fun.

  • Hayate’s cheesy fantasy.

Manga: Hayate imagines Maria saying a super corny line while Maria wonders whether his head is okay.

Again, this gag does not appear in the anime. Many jokes in Hayate no Gotoku is about the characters’ wakky/disgusting thoughts, so I seriously think they should put more of these in the anime.

  • “She’s right on the money.”

Manga: Maria unintentionally hits the nail on the head. (This type of joke works well for me.)

In the anime, Hayate realizes that Maria is looking for Nagi when he heard Nagi complains while being taken away by the real kidnappers.

  • The reason why he lives.

This is the best joke to me in the two chapters, and so I’m really disappointed that they cut it out completely.

I also don’t really like the direction much. The manga contains a lot of randomness and otaku culture references. Bizarre flashbacks like those in Family Guy or blackboard mayhem in Pani Poni Dash! would work really well in the anime, so much that I wished Akiyuki Shinbou (Pani Poni Dash!, Negima?!, Tsukuyomi Moon Phase) were the director instead of the current one.

However, it’s not like I completely hate the episode. There are some nice things about it and the anime in general too. The character design is good, the OP song is an automatically win because it’s KOTOKO, the Nagi-trashtalking-giant-robot scene at the beginning is well animated, and best of them all:

OMG, is dat sum Ika_i G_ndou?

I’ll keep watching the series but probably not blog it. Let’s hope that the animation remain consistent, and that they keep most jokes from the manga intact. The anime should get better as new characters are introduces. I’m looking forward to seeing Sakuya talking in Kansai-ben, Wataru minding in his video store, Nagi writing her manga, and Hinagiku going tsuntsun and subsequently deredere.

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  1. Posted April 6, 2007 at 5:38 am | Permalink

    So much dark comedy taken out of it, which is disappointing. Why did they have to show this in the morning? :(

    But I liked what they did with the first episode, despite taken out some of the better parts from the manga in that case. Hopefully the animation will continue to be pretty good, and we get to see more of Hayate being Hayate. :P

  2. Posted April 17, 2007 at 1:11 am | Permalink

    Nice blog!

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