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I have been listening to internet radio shows of anime programs for quite some time, especially in the last two weeks. These shows are a great way to entertain yourself while you’re coding or working in front of a computer. The following are some that caught my attention lately:

Mana’s and Ucchii’s Gigantic 4 U

This is the radio show of the anime Gigantic Formula. Though only 4 episodes of the anime have aired so far, the radio has been going on for 14 weeks. While the anime is not my favorite of this season (the favorite being Idolmaster Xenoglossia), the radio is definitely my favorite. What sets this radio show apart is that, in every episode of the radio show, there’s a short skit performed by the characters of the anime.

Named “Break time At the Backyard” (BAB), the skit features Utsumi Amano‘s and Mana Kamishiro‘s attempt to interview other characters for their own radio show. While the anime takes itself semi-seriously, the skit is entirely comedic in nature. We only see Utsumi as a serious loli genius in the anime, but she’s portrayed as a hyperactive loudmouth and a somewhat silly dictator. Mana is transformed from a serious and mysterious female lead to a meek lackey of Utsumi’s who’s always overcome by embarrassment as a result of following Utsumi’s plan.

A very funny skit was the one on April 17th. Utsumi “convinces” Mana that they wear Lovely Himegimi Mask (from the fictional superhero show “Kamen no Himegimi: Okutamada Princess”) to hide their identities and go interview Shingo. Here’s how:

Mana: But, if we only wear the masks, he’ll know immediately who we are.
Utsumi: What are you saying #2-san? (Utsumi is Okutamada Princess #1, and Mana is #2.) The identities of masked professional wrestlers have never been revealed to anyone. Didn’t you know that?
Mana: Is that so?
Utsumi: [...] Only in matches in which their masks are removed are their identities coming to the fore for the first time. Other than that, having their identities exposed is COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE in their lifetimes.
Mana: But, when they enter the ring, aren’t there people yelling names like “Misu___” or “Yama___” as if they know the wrestlers personally?
Utsumi: There are no such people. #2-san, there are no such people who know them personally. Well, I would to assume those people are the teachers.
Mana: Teachers?
Utsumi: Yes. At the moment a masked wrestler attach the mask to his/her face, he/she is reborn as COMPLETELY different person, *desu*.
Mana: And when they remove the mask?
Utsumi: Of course, they are reborn as a completely different person, *diesu*.
Mana: “Diesu” you said. How presumptuous.
Utsumi: That being said, shall we go?
Mana: Shall we go to where?
Utsumi: To Shingo-san, of course. Isn’t that obvious, Okutamada Princess #2-san?
Mana: Heeeeeehhhhh?!?

And here’s how they get shot down unintentionally by Shingo.

Utsumi: We’re Kamen no Himegimi: Okutamada Princess #1, and…
Mana: Okutamada Princess #2.
Shingo: Eh? Mana-san and Technology Officer Amano…
Utsumi: Kamen no Himegimi: Okutamada Princess #1, and…
Mana: Okutamada Princess #2.
Shingo: But you’re definitely Mana-san…
Mana: I’m Okutamada Princess #2.
Shingo: Err… Erm… Mana-san…
Mana: *ehem*
Shingo: That’s not it. Ka… Kamen…
Mana: Kamen no Himegimi: Okutamada Princess #2! v
Shingo: Oh I see. If I look carefully, there’s a “#2″ written on the mask. Amazing!
Mana: ………….
Shingo: And so you’re not Technology Officer Amano, but the #1.
Utsumi: I’m Kamen no Himegimi: Okutamada Princess #1…
Shingo: Princess #1?
Utsumi: Yes.
Shingo: Aha! I understand now! I’m so happy! This is for my welcome party, right? Thank you very much!
Utsumi: No…. We’re not…

Man, you have to listen to fully appreciate it. The voice actors/actresses are magnificent. I think the skit will be available on the web for one more week at this URL:

Radio ToHeart2

One of the most popular show on Onsen, the show features Konomi’s seiyuu, Yurika “Yurichii” Ochiai, and Tama-nee’s seiyuu, Shizuka Itou, with a new episode every Thursday and now at its 80th episode. Yurichii is very hyperactive and single-handedly makes the show lively (and sometimes annoying) while Shizuka Itou provides a counterbalance with her low and calm voice.

The corner I like the most is 「あなたへToHeart つー!」 where the hosts read cheesy pick-up/confession lines the listeners sent to the show. If they think a line is good, it would receive a “Meromero de-arimasu” (vocal) seal of approval from Konomi. If not, it would fall prey of Tama-nee’s “Iron Claw.” For example,

Setting: Walking in front of the boy, the girl skips ahead 2-3 steps and suddenly turns around.
Girl (Shizuka): You know, Ryu-kun… There’s a girl who likes you. What do you think?
Boy (Shizuka): Huh? If that’s the case, then why don’t you bring her here?
Girl (Shizuka): That girl, you see, is here…
Boy (Shizuka): Ah… Then please go out with me. If you think I’m worthy, that is…
Yurichii: Gyaaaaaa!

The hosts then proceeded to comment that this is so much like anime or eroge, and gave it a “Meromero de-arimasu.” Sadly, although the corner is very popular, it has been suspended since episode 77 to make way for new corners.

The “meromero de-arimasu” has become somewhat a tagline of the show, and the clip of Yurichii’s rendition of it would be played or imitated almost every time she appears as a guest in another radio show. It has also been so badly engraved on to Koyama Tsuyoshi’s (Kurou from Utawarerumono) brain that he uttered the phrased at least 10 times when he guest-appeared in Radio ToHeart2 last week. He also mentioned that he said it when he watched his dirty place when taking a shower as well… O_o’

The “futsuota” (Q&A) corner can be entertaining sometimes, especially when the seiyuus tell some funny anecdotes from their lives. For example, Yurichii revealed that she wrote “I want to be a bishounen” in her what-you-want-to-be-when-you-grow-up essay in grade school.

Other Shows

Last week, Gothloli Shoujo Tanteidan Radio Nikki pulled off a great episode where Yuu Kobayashi showed off her versatile voice range. First, she was requested to perform a boy’s voice, and fulfilled it with Bakugan’s Danma Kuusou’s voice. Next, she read a postcard from a fan saying that he was a masochist and request Kotono-chan to “Judgement” him harshly. I couldn’t help but let out a small laugh when I heard her over-the-top rendition of the lines. (Couldn’t do a full-blown laugh ’cause I was in the office.)

I also listen to Utawarerumono Radio and am always entertained by Ryoka Yuzuki’s possessive tendency and the fork meme. Shows that I listen to but think are not very outstanding include Hayate no Gotoku: Radio the Combat Buttler, Seto no Hanayome Yomeiri Radio, and Fate Stay/Tune.

Heck, with 8+ working hours a day, I can manage to listen to most anime radio shows in existence every week.

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  1. jimbo
    Posted May 8, 2007 at 9:38 am | Permalink

    do you have links to stations on japanese culture/anime in english?

    i can’t read japanese so im screwed, but thanks for the posts.

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