Another 10 Female Seiyuu List… Yeah…

So I figure I’d jump into the Seiyuu bandwagon Kurogane started. This list is actually based on how much I’m impressed with the Seiyuu’s talent and personality manifested in both anime and radio programs. It only contains new seiyuus as I haven’t heard the veterans perform much. The seiyuus are not ranked in any particular order.

Rie Tanaka

She has a great voice range and is very flexible. A lot of characters she voiced fall into the soft-speaking elegant lady archetype, e.g. Mariel (Hanaukyo Maid Tai), Maria (Hayate no Gotoku!) and Lacus/Meer (SEED series). However, she can also voice arrogant, pychotic characters like Tomoe (Mai-otome) and Suigintou (Rozen Maiden). I mean, who doesn’t have Suigintou’s “Junk ni shitegaru” and her trademark maniacal laughter? Another type of roles she excels at is the no-nonsense, straight type such as Yomi (Azumanga Dai-oh) and Hiro Matsusaka (Hataraki Man). Her performance as Hiro actually impressed me the most as she convincingly delivered annoyance, fear, anger, disappointment, etc, all in the first episode alone. (Yes, I have watched only the first episode.)

By the way, if you are not convinced, you can listen to her superb performance at Suigintou in the radio show “Suigintou’s ‘Koyoi mo Ennui~’” here, here, and here.

Yuu Kobayashi

Lala (School Rumble), Setsuna (Negima), and Nagomi (Tsuyokiss) are probably her best know roles in the otaku universe, but Yuu-tan is also famous for her recent NEKKETSU boy roles like Danma Kuusou (Bakugan) and Aoba Tadamachi (Dan Doh!). Additionally, she excels as a radio personality: she single-handedly owns Gothloli Shoujo Tantei-dan: Radio Nisshi, using her NEKKETSU voice to enliven what would otherwise be one of the most boring radio shows out there. Yes, I listen to this show because of her.

Oh, she also has an amazing (lack of) artistic abilities, which has been amazingly commertialized as well. Read and see more here, and here.

Yuu-tan’s Setsuna in the background.

Shizuka Itou

Shizuka-sama is my favorite seiyuu, period. She came into the spotlight lately with roles like Tama-nee (ToHeart2), Alice (Pumpkin Scissors), Hinagiku (Hayate no Gotoku!), and other bloggers have mentioned that her voice is the embodiment of grace and nobility. Shizuka-sama is also the best Tsukkomi. In radio programs, she wouldn’t hesitate to become bluntly rude and call anyone “omae” when tsukkomi-ing the person. Pairing her with Yurishii in Radio ToHeart2, I believe, result in the most dynamic boke-tsukkomi duo in recent history as their voices and personality contrast and complement each other so well.

Shizuka-sama’s and Yurishii’s antics are best captured in this sound clip which is a compilation of outstanding episodes of “Anata e ToHeart2″ corner.

Tama-nee and Yurishii machine…

Yuzuki Ryouka

Okay, I totally put her on my list because of Utawarerumono Radio, where her (fake?) fierce affection for Rikiya Koyama generated so much comedy and so many memes that makes the program such a win it is today. Although Ryouka herself has not been getting many leading roles, she has proven to be capable of voicing any type of characters: graceful lady like Eruruu (Utawarerumono) and Shamal (Nanoha A’s), loud and boisterous girls like Haruka Armitage (Mai-Otome), and even a mukuchi character like Minagi (Air). Also, according to ANN, she’s the voice of Neko-arc in Melty Blood.

Natsuko Kuwatani

It’s actually quite hard to believe that a same person did Suiseiseki (DESU DESU DESU), Yue (Negima), Ryouko (Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu), Arf (Nanoha), and Karen (SisPri). She utters the best “Onii-chan” EVAR… Err, I mean, she has great talent!

This is a compilation of her roles, salvaged from the superior Japanese counterpart of Youtube. Oh, and have Natsuko Kuwatani cold noodles

Mamiko Noto

Noto-sama has a unique soft, low, voice that stands in contrast to most squeaky voices typically to anime. This is why I always get a big “huh?” the first time I heard her voicing Nodoka (Negima) and Yakumo (School Rumble). But her performance proved to be great, and I gradually enjoyed it more and more. On the other hand, Ai’s (Jokogu Shoujo) “Ippen shindemiru?” could hardly have been better had Noto-sama not voiced her. I’m actually addicted to her voice that I started watching Witchblade just to see how she portray the sadistic Witchbladed Masane.

Hear Noto-sama going loud and crazy (which is probably out of her character) in the following two episodes of Pony Canyon Style: Marunabi!?: episode 9, and episode 10. Donguri goro goro…

Hitomi Nabatame

She is another can-do-anything type Seiyuu although I remember her for tomboyish roles such as Mikoto (School Rumble) and Liru (Magical Pokaan), and big sister roles such as Nobue (Ichigo Mashimaro), Yukichi (Hayate no Gotoku!) and Margery Daws (Shana). However, she can go all regal and dignified like Arcueid (Tsukihime), Feena (the cabbage animu), and Kanade (Gokujou Seitokai), or all girlish like Yuuna (Maburaho). The role I like the most is Yuma Tonami from ToHeart2. Tsundere FTW!

Ayako Kawasumi

She probably get more female leading roles than any other active female seiyuus nowadays. What convinces me of her greatness is her interpretation of Nodame in Nodame Cantabile, which I consider far more superior than Juri Ueno‘s, the live action counterpart. While Ueno made Nodame sound and look retarded, Kawasumi gives her just the right degree of craziness. Her “gyabo” and “ugya” are golden. She performed well in other roles but only Nodame impresses me a great deal.

Yui Horie

Although her reputation is in jeopardy at the moment, I have been enjoying and still do enjoy Hocchan’s performance like many others. Eri (School Rumbles), Tamami (Mahoraba), and Touru (Fruits Basket) are my Hocchan’s favourite roles. Not to mention that she’s the sole perpetrator of the brain-melting “uguu.”

Tomoko Kawakami

Although well in her thirties, her career is as relevant today as it was about 10 years ago. In the mainstream, she does boy roles such as Hikaru (Hikaru no Go) and Fuyuki (Keroro Gunsou), or tomboyish girls like Utena (Shoujo Kakumei Utena) and Soi Fong (Bleach). However, every otaku should be familiar with her voice since she played Misuzu (Air) and Sayuri (Kanon). I mean, heck, how can you not like a seiyuu who says both “gao” and “ahaha~”?

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