Mahou Sensei Negima 178: Mizugi Fanservice

It’s time to pick up the Negima summary now that I have more time for blogging. (This might change in the future though.) In this chapter, the Negima club goes to the beach! Fanservice ensues.

Hmm… Healthy Asuna is healty…

Unbeknownst to them, Yuuna and company were following, hoping to reinitiate the capture-the-badge game.

We will, we will, raep you.

However, their assault was stopped by Iincho, saying that the challenge ended yesterday, and that they (an athletic bunch) already lost to Yue and Nodoka, the nerdy members of the Library Exploration Club. Iincho also recognizes that the Negima club’s effort and preparation is extraordinary, and promises not to bother or question them anymore. The bottom line is that she also reveals that she plans to go on a trip to England herself as well. (That’s Iincho for you…) She also allows Yuuna and the gang to tag along on her private jet. So (almost) everyone is going as we would expect. Now, Akamatsu-sensei, please bring Eva-chan to England as well! Please! Negima is not Negima without her, you know?

Of course, Iincho’s action enrages Asuna. A quarrel ensues as usual, but this time we get quite a nice view of, erm, their relationship…

Kyaa!!!11Asuna x Iincho FTW!

While everyone else is playing outside, Paru-sama holds a mini-conference with Yue and Nodoka in a seaside restaurant. She advices them that they should be on guard because Iincho and Makie are going Wales too, and that, before going oversea, they should come up with how to approach Negi and forge a DEEP bond.

Afterwards, Yue and Nodoka takes a stoll on the beach together, and, as they do, discuss their love problems. Comparing themselves to Iincho, the two girls lament about their certain “assets.”

Don’t worry girls. You’re fine as you are.
Haven’t you heard that flat chests are a status symbol?

To change the topic, Yue suggests that Nodoka invites Negi on a date tomorrow. Nodoka, being nice and all, suggests back that Yue should confess to Negi as well, making Yue flushes and denies any possibility that she would do it profusely. The two Negi lovers than caught sight of Asuna and Negi spend quality time chatting together.

You are a shotacon, Asuna. Don’t even deny it.

Yue comments that their relationship is special, and it may be possible to argue that the relationship is romantic. However, as she finishes the sentence, someone cuts in and says “I don’t quite understand it, but he’s flirting around, right?” The person continues and complains that although she had gone through the trouble of coming to Japan, Negi is flirting with other girls. Yes, Anya-tan has arrived! A new challenger has appeared! I’m soooooo looking forward to the next chapter.

Yay for loli! Yay for childhood friend! Yay for tsundere!


A rather boring chapter as nothing really happens, but who cares if the fanservice is this good? We haven’t seen the 3-A girls in swimsuits since Volume 7, so this definitely is nice. Let’s see. Besides the group shot on page 2-3, we also have:

Yuuna and the gang.

(Seriously, isn’t this too risque for a 14 year old to wear. Ah, never mind. This is Akamatsu-sensei anyway.)

Healthy Yuuna is healthy…

Well, I’d rather see more of Konoka and Paru-sama though. Otherwise, I’m happy with the chapter.

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