Mahou Sensei Negima 179: Pure Anya Goodness

Anya hath cometh, and the first thing we see is her loli panties.

Anya Flame Buster


Can’t believe underneath that dull cloak lies a stylish and sexy outfit. XD

Mistress Number 1 Reporting!!!

Of course, she burns her hair and buttock.

So they have to splash water on her to put the fire down… Delicious!

OMG! So moe I’m gonna die!!!

She claims she comes to bring Negi back to Wales instead of the lonely Nekane. Asuna tells her that Negi has some business to take care off before he can go. Anya’s spider woman sense tells her immediately that this middle schooler is her ENEMY!

“So this is the reason Negi hasn’t gone back to Wales..?”

Of course, being a lady from the land upon which the sun never sets and all, she fakes a polite facade and greets Asuna courteously, thanking her of taking care of Negi, and proclaims that she shall do so from now on. Negi, however, asks her to stop by the ryokan to eat some sashimi and sushi. Anya, being a little glutton that she is, easily falls for the bait.

And so, while the other girls were eavesdropping the two kids and observing how childish they are comparing their heights in the most childish way possible, P:aru-sama points out that Negi does not use polite language when speaking to Anya, but does so otherwise with everyone in the class. This implies that there exists a “mental wall” between Negi and his advisees. Moreover, upon seeing Negi gently picking up rice from Anya cheeks, the Negi lovers realize that the threat of Anya’s being Negi’s favourite person is very real indeed.

Negi shows off his l33t lady killing skillz.

Oh, and when Negi asks why Anya comes to Japan again, she pulls one of the most lovely tsundere actions EVAR….

“It’s not like I came here for your sake or anything. It’s for Nekane-oneechan’s.”

As predictable as ever, the eavesdropping girls start bumping one another and end up knocking the room’s door over, revealing themselves. Anya, although a little disturbed by the facts that there are so many girls following Negi around, recalls that “first impression is very important” and proceeds to introduce herself politely as “Anna Kokorou.” After the encounter, the Negi lovers would beg Negi to drop the formality in his speech and call them with their first names.

Please give us your genes!

Of course, ryokan means open air bath, and open air bath means skins, and Akamatsu-sensei knows exactly what to do!

Hmm… Yue and Nodoka

Hmm… Anya.

It seems that the close encounter between serious contenders for Negi’s affections are going smoother than all of us would imagine. Why? Well, because Anya realizes that they have some “assets” in common…



Pros: Anya, kawaii yo, Anya!

Cons: Go to England already, Akamatsu-sensei!

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  1. wanatasi sanada
    Posted October 2, 2007 at 6:25 am | Permalink

    hahahahahahahaha hey i have Question is the story in line are have be seal in your boom store is true plz show me the cover and i have one to say you
    PS : i am is indonesian so i am is dunno about this story

  2. gargoyle
    Posted December 10, 2008 at 12:37 am | Permalink

    What is “comrades” ???
    The story become great and great every episode!

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