Mahou Sensei Negima 180: Outbreak! Negi Wars

Anya starts conversing with her two new found comrades, Nodoka and Yue, of the Flat Alliance. When Yue asks her whether she has pactiod with someone, Anya flustered and denied having done so, saying that finding a partner requires much prudence. She also adds that perhaps Negi might have formed a pactio with Asuna, but immediately rejects the possibility. As a result, Nodoka and Yue thinks they should keep the fact that many 3-A girls has formed provisional contracts with Negi a secret.

Anya then declares that Asuna is her enemy because of the boobs, which she thinks have power to deceive Negi men. Anya’s worry is multiplied tenfold as a series of boobalicious 3-A girls enter the bath. This makes her decides that it’s her mission to take Negi back to Wales as soon as possible.

According to Anya, Chiu’s are not big, but have great shape. Beautiful breasts indeeed.

The Boob Army. Theirs that put Asuna’s into shame.
FIY, among 3-A students, Chizuru ranks 1st in size, followed by Kaede, Mana, and Asakura.
Oh, damn, Yuuna is so hawt!!!!111

Iicho’s are not big either, but her body makes Anya really worried.

That night, Anya dreams about the time she and Negi infiltrated the Forbidden Magic Archive. We see Anya blushing as she observed Negi’s determined and manly expression as he intently examined a book. The dreams ends when Anya had to drag the obsessed Negi out of the Archive after they were found out. She wakes up shouting “Without me, you’re absolutely no good!” Aww, what a tsundere.

Lady killers don’t spare their childhood friends.

Coming to her sense, Anya recalls her mission, and proceeds to Negi’s room only to see Negi’s weird sleep posture…

So she packs a Narusegawa Punch Anya Flame Knuckle against her beloved childhood friend…

By the way, Konoka and Setsuna were sleeping together… Think about the possibility!

Konoka explains that Asuna looks and feels like Nekane, but Anya doesn’t think so. She then starts calling Negi names and forcefully bringing him back to Wales. Asuna blocks her path, so Anya asks what rights Asuna has to order her around. Before Asuna can say that it’s because she’s Negi’s partner, Nodoka and Yue sneaks behind her and cover her mouth. They also do the same for Chiu who suddenly comes to ask Negi about her artifact (lolz), and Paru-sama who wants to tell Anya about the pactios just for fun.

Yue Kung Fu and Nodoka’s Book Throwing Attack

And here comes the part where Konoka shines as she single-handedly resolve the situation. Konoka asks why Anya has to hurry like this, and suggests that Anya probably does so because she likes Negi. When Anya says it was for Nekane’s sake, Konoka immediately calls Nekane and asks whether it’s okay for Negi to go back on the 12th, and Nekene says yes. She then adds that it’s only natural that, when Negi is surrounded by so many girls like this, Anya cannot have a peace of mind. Anya reacts in a typical tsundere manner: blushes, punches Negi in the face, and runs away.

“How to deal with annoying tsundere brat” by Konoe Konoka.

Nothing happens much during the day though we sees Asakura wears a nice Sayo wristband. (So cute!)

I hope they commertialize the 3-A girl cell phone strap idea.

Oh, and Anya’s swimsuit is cute too.

Frills. Don’t you love them?

But the fun starts after the sun sets. Because basically everyone is there, the ryokan doesn’t have enough rooms for the girls, so they have to sleep all together in one big room. Konoka, being awesome as usual, announces that her friends should be careful since, in his sleep, Negi may hug the person in his proximity. This warning sets the room ablaze with fire of lust and jealously. The Negi lovers will be on the move to be in Negi’s reach, and Anya will be there to prevent anyone from being cuddled by her slumbering sweetheart.

The chronicle of war goes as follows. Iincho and Makie were the first to attack, faking sleep and crawling to Negi’s location. However, their assault fails as Negi wakes up to go to toilet. However, when he comes back, he just have to choose to sleep next to Anya!

Oh, you damn somnambulistic lolicon!
(Wait, if it’s child v. child, does it consider lolicon?)

Of course, having the pure heart of youth, Anya would kick Negi away as soon as the boy gets too close. But her reflex backfires as the kick sens Negi to Iincho’s bosom.

Iincho’s happiness is, however, short-lived as Makie soon interrupts her by landing two clubs on her head, and then yanks Negi away with her l33t ribbon manipulating skillz.

But Anya would mercilessly prevent Makie’s aspiration from being fulfilled by her awesome Anya Overhead Kick….

which, in turn, would send Negi to the cozy space between Nodoka and Yue.

The hilarious bit in this segment is that Yue, being a dedicated friend that she is, would allow Nodoka to #$%^#$% Negi first, and Nodoka would say that “I’m inexperience, so please… please…” Well, not that she can do anything any way…

Over our dead bodies.

But in the end, the winner is Chiu!

The kiss hath been returned.

Medetashi. Medetashi.


Wow, Akamatsu-sensei must be really inspired drawing this chapter. So much content in one installment. It’s 21 pages and contains 3-4 separate events. Very entertaining indeed, although I kind of miss the shounen action in the last 10-20 chapters or so.

Anya is an awesome character although I admit that her tsundere antics is cliche to the core. (But I like it!) You see. She’s the perfect tsundere: acting tough on the surface but actually having a lot of weakness. Isn’t this the kind of girl you want to protect and support while listening to her cute complaint that you are no good? Asuna and Chisame, on the other hand, have strong personalities and can be realliy overbearing.

This chapter reveals that Konoka is not just a dizzy ojou-sama with a heart of gold. She knows how to manipulate people, and can resolve difficult’s situation like Anya’s rampage with ease. Her bedtime warning to the girls probably shows that she enjoys observing the chaos herself. I find actually hard to believe.though.

Oh, and Yuuna is hawt! I hope she will show more skin pactio with Negi soon in Wales. I’m looking forward to her artifacts, but it’d better be some awesome-looking guns.

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  1. wanatasi sanada
    Posted October 2, 2007 at 6:18 am | Permalink

    the story is great but why you don’t recomended it to Ken Akamatsu i think he will give you a choice to make in on manga so why not you try it and i waiting the next story
    PS : i like evangeline just that want i say

  2. Pricillia
    Posted December 7, 2007 at 11:33 pm | Permalink

    That story is very funny.
    Negi was throught out because of his friends.
    I always waiting for your next comics, Mahou Sensei

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