Praise the Hiyorin

I got a couple of weird kicks watching Hiyorin’s exploits in Lucky Star 18 & 19. I seriously thought she was the greatest character EVAR. Now I think I know why…

Hiyorin the male: She draws Yuri. That’s genuinely male, isn’t it? If her disposition is more to the female side, then her notebook would contain more of Sousuke v. Gauron thingy. Her internal monologue features the copula「っす」, making her sound like a casual male underclassman.

Hiyorin the wish fulfiller: Yutaka is a CUTEEEEEEEEEEEE. Minami is cool. Yutaka x Minami = the best winnage winnage EVAR. (For your information, I blame these two for converting me…) Too bad, their relationship is just platonic, and I thought I would get to see only hints and hints. And just when I was thinking that I can wait a little longer and some doujin artist would capitalize on the possibility, there came Hiyorin. She made all of it happen in flashing colors! Good job Hiyorin. Good job Kyo-ani. You really know what the fans want!


Hiyorin the rebellion: Perhaps the moment I got the most kick out of was when Hiyorin took out a pencil and start drawing Yutaka x Minami in action. They say that entertainment is one part suspending social norms and the sense of decency, and going with emotion and desire. Hiyorin did just that, and she became my hero. Observing Hiyorin’s “artistic urge” is liberating indeed.

Hiyorin, you’re my hero.

Hiyorin the confessor: To explain why I took so much pleasure of Hiyorin’s moral dilemma, I choose you! Foucault! Hiyorin confesses her sin of desecrating her friends to us viewers, and puts herself in the position of inferiority relative to us. As a result, I can for a brief moment pretend to be a psychiatrist who empathizes with the patient and takes pleasure out of knowing other’s inner desire and being in the position of power. Oh, did I mention that she gave the impression of a male underclassman?

Nah… There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s okay. It’s not your fault, Hiyorin.

Hiyorin the otaku: I did and am doing many of Hiyorin’s otaku behavior, making it all the easier for me to identify myself with her.

She’s “Suzaku,” and I’m “Cardcaptor.”

I don’t cosplay, and would have quite the same reaction as her if I see someone walking in cosplay round Siam Square (though I wouldn’t feel the same way if it were Shinjuku).

I would feel at ease if I run into fellow otaku as well, but that’s kind of rare where I am now.

Hiyorin the doujin artist: When I was in Japan, I was the gaijin otaku like Patty was. However, I don’t want to be a consumer otaku that she is (although I’m pretty much am right now). I aspire to be a doujin artist: somebody who produces rather than consumes, somebody who has the power to create and customize. This is why I like doujin artist characters in general and why I like Doujin Work so much. So, yeah, Hiyorin is pretty much what I want to be.

I think I’m in an even earlier “phase” than this. (ORZ)
Moreover, I think it will take a long time to progress to the next phase.
I have this “job” thing to do, you see. (ORZ)

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