Clannad #1 Looking Good

After much anticipation on my part, Clannad starts strong. The pacing, the comedy, and almost everything is about right. I have nothing to complain, obviously.

One thing that I find surprising is the amount of slapstick comedy present. We have Sunohara’s being tossed around by the football team, Tomoya’s reaction after Ryou telling him that he’s going to be late tomorrow, and Tomoyo’s pwning Sunohara. That’s a lot for a visual novel adaptation, and, although there is some in Air and Kanon, slapslick comedy are not so prevalent there. Perhaps this is because one of Clannad’s theme is about being delinquents, so getting physical is in order here.

So much violence in a romantic visual novel adaptation…
Wait, WTF!!! NO panty shot?!!? Damn you, KyoAni!!!

Let’s see… Some gags that put a smile on my face include “You’re going to be late tomorrow” gag, which works so well with Ryou’s deadpan-ness. Another one is the “Spectator’s View” gag on Tomoyo’s flashy fight. Her fight looks much less impressive without cinematic camera angle and slow motion. I totally understand Sunohara’s “WTF” reaction. There are also the antics of Furukawa family like the rice cracker bread and Okazaki Tomoya Eternal.

Come to think about it. In such a short time… Tomoyo disappers… Nobody knows how many times she kicks… That’s actually very impressive!

The seiyuus are great! I fell in love with Kanda Akemi’s performance as Ryou, and found the “otome no inspiration” supercalifragilisticexpialidociously moe. It’s unusual to hear Nakahara Mai plays an unassertive character, but she does a fine job with the listless tone of Nagisa. One thing I find weird is that Nagisa likes the “desu,” so I got the mental picture of Rena talking like Rika-chama. Sanae is played by Onee-chan, and that’s ’nuff said.

Episode 1 is enjoyable, and it does its job introducing the viewers to the colorful characters of Clannad. However, I hope that KyoAni does not repeat the haphazard 5-minute-per-1-girl formula like in the first few episodes of Kanon, and starts getting into one of the girl’s arc as soon as possible to losing the audience’s interest.

Lastly, will Kotomi appear in the next episode? I’m looking forward to Noto-sama’s performance! (Note: Kotomi and Fuuko will appear in the next episode. I didn’t watch the preview. I’m an idiot. -_-’)

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