Rental Magica #1

Rental Magica’s premise is, like, my cup of tea: shounen actions with lots of cute girls, and the girls do have massive firepower. Now, add sorcery, familiar beasts, and rocket broomstick, and it should be just plain win. However, the first episode didn’t impress me that much.

What I want from fantasy show is either a lot of fights or a lot of mystery. What I want from shows with cute girls are the girls showcasing their cuteness and/or awesomeness. The first episode gave me what I wanted for the first 5 minutes, and then it started going downhill. First, the President starts getting angsty about the dog. Who wants to see that? Then Kunugi, a completely boring character relative to the broom surfing witch like Honami, or the miko miko moe moe Mikan who calls the Shachou by “Oniichan-shachou,” stole the spotlight, and we go into a stereotypical tale of how her grandfather disappeared. Yeah.

The fight with the grandfather beast is rather dull. It should have more movements and explosions than the President’s instructing his magicians like orally writing C++ code. Also, how the heck did the President not suffer any eye damage after the grandfather beast dived into his eye like that? Everything felt so rushed. The director should have taken things more slowly and expand the first episode into two like in Black Lagoon or Darker than Black.

Rental Magica have a great cast of seiyuus, and I relatively enjoyed their performance. I’m getting used to Shizuka-sama playing onee-chan type girls, but Kuroha is more of an osananajimi type, so it’s feels unusual to hear a more moe side of her voice. (But Shizuka-sama is Shizuka-sama, so everything is good.) I like the Payo’s rendition of Adilicia, but kansai-ben Ueda Kana is getting kind of old. (Let’s see… Sakura Mikan, Yagami Hayate, Aizawa Sakuya, and many more kansai-ben speaking gals.) Kugimiya Rie shines with her non-tsundere loli voice. The “Oniichan-shachou” is the best.

The President is blessed with a harem of two rivaling tsunderes. This is great potential and I wish the anime would develop this further. Seriously, they should bring Kuroha into the love polygon, and I really like to see Honami and Adilicia burning with jealousy when the President have nice chitchat with the osananajimi girl (AKA harem anime cliché #2273).

By the way, here are some Honami-on-rocket-broomstick actions:

Maybe I have a witch-on-broomstick fetish, seriously.

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  1. Posted October 12, 2007 at 2:14 pm | Permalink

    Is it bad that I expected her to use Master Spark on that demon? :P

  2. cardcaptor
    Posted October 12, 2007 at 6:21 pm | Permalink

    Exactly what I thought!

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