Clannad #2-#3

Clannad #2

Clannad #2 was so good I could not imagined how an episode can be this good. Both the comedy and the drama are so intense, and KyoAni juxtaposed them without making me feeling awkward. Things I like about the episodes are:

  • When I saw Tomoyo cold-heartedly sending Sunohara down the dust chute, her awesomeness went up tenfold. She’s a real bad ass who can be really cruel and scary, and she pwns with style.
  • Although Nagisa sounds like she has a mental age of a grade schooler, I have to admit that her antics is ultra moe. I actually melt listening to her “dango, dango, daikazoku,” and seeing her pointing to Tomoya and saying “Buchou nara Okazaki-san no hou ga.”
  • Fuuko! She does the “uguu.” She does the “ote.” She does the “dribble… shoot!” (I loled at this.) She does the “haa haa” face with stars floating up. Damn! Her antics is just too hard to resist.
  • The basketball scene, where Nagisa unintentionally hurt Tomoya’s feeling. It’s very sad, just like when Chopper unintentionally gives Dr.Hiriluk poison.

Though I’m not very impressed that Kotomi is yet to have the spotlight.

Wait… Isn’t dropping someone from the 3rd floor tantamount to breaking whatever bones hit the floor first? Nah, this is anime…

Clannad #3

Solid animation and great wacky antics as usual. It’s good that they’re focusing on Nagisa. However, nothing really happens in this episode though.

  • Sunohara is such an amusing idiot. Never thought that he really tried to prove Tomoyo’s a man with by asking to borrow a razor. That got me loled. The world end gag is good as well.
  • We’re introduced to Botan, which seems to be a manifestation of Kyou’s heart. It clings to Tomoya’s leg, despises Sunohara, and stays calm when Kyou herself holds it. Also, the blushing I-do-not-want-Tomoya-to-know-my-panty-color Kyou is moe. ^_^
  • Fuuko’s antics is getting old fast for me. The only thing new is her groping Tomoya for the knife. A minor lulz here, unlike episode 2.
  • When Tomoya said, “If you’re going to cry alone, come get me,” I was like “Huh?” Given that he’s a male lead of a harem show, it’s only natural for him to be super nice to all girls, and I wouldn’t feel awkward if Tomoya is a typical loser harem lead. However, Tomoya has a lot of personal problems that I think would make it hard for him to be in a position of a giver of warmth. He should be the one who seeks it.

Kotomi…. She just disappeared… ORZ

This is actually more awesome than Tomoyo 64.

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