Rental Magica #2

This episode is material-heavy. We learned that Itsuki’s eye turned into what it is today when he, led by Honami, entered a haunted house created by spirit wave contamination. They were chased by a translucent blob. Anime cliche #54 dictates that Itsuki the boy must protect the girl who will so love him in the future by diverting danger from her to himself, and that resulted in his right eye turning ugly. The irony has it that the girl felt so guilty that she became an expert magic user just so that she can protect him instead. (This last part might not be a cliche though. I have not seen it before.)

I'm special! Because I'm heterochromia! The Geass has permanently turned on.

Soooooo… For dramatic effect, everything has to happen in exactly the same way as the last ten or so years. Itsuki enters the same haunted house though this time he is chased by a Dullahan instead of a transparent blob. Honami comes to save the day at the end, and thus achieves what she has been striving for since that fateful day. Honestly, this felt so contrived and formulaic.

The twist is that, instead of Honami and Itsuki falling in love and living happily ever after, Itsuki is too pathetic as a husband material. So our tsundere magic user takes the matter into her own hands, and is raising Itsuki into an ideal spouse. Apart from educating him in magic, she also shields him from bad influences of other girls with her iron fist. Come to think about it.Honami is one of the worst kinds of girlfriends out there. However, I wouldn’t mind dating her though because she’s real cute when showing her deredere side.

Deredere. Tsuntsun and burning with jealousy.

So, it seems Itsuki’s right eye already had some special ability to begin with, and it only became ugly when it got contaminated by spiritual wave. Honami sticks with Astral because she feels responsible for Itsuki’s plight. This feeling of guilt has to be resolved in some way or another, and I hope the season ends with it resolved (so that they can truly live happily ever after).

We see the day Addie transferred into Itsuki’s school, this time without a teacher introducing her during homeroom as usual. While this provided a closure on how the characters met, it left me blank on why Addie has to to attend the same school. (Does she have to go to school to begin with?) Probably she just want to annoy the hell out of Honami? Probably she wants to keep taps on Astral? Probably she fell in love with Itsuki at first sight? Nah, it’s just a plot device.

Addie-chan hath cometh. The token hair fling of doom.

On the visual side, the director of Rental Magica uses color very well. He saturates important scenes with one tone of color: the twilight park with bright orange/yellow, and the haunted house interior with eerie dark green. The usage fits the mysterious mood of the story well, and in general those scenes just look great.

Seems like I watch this show just because I want to see more Honami. This episode gave me a lot of Honami, but did not gave me ass-kicking Honami like in the first episode. The verbal catfight between her and Addie was quite enjoyable though. Oh, for your information, according to Radio Rental Magica, the subdued Kansai-ben Honami speaks is called Kobe-ben.

Catfight! Yeah!

As usual, have some Honami. (This time not on the rocket broomstick, though.)

I’m obsessed, really obsessed…

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