Rental Magica #3

Mikan-chan episode! Mikan-chan, kawaii yo, Mikan-chan!

OK. Stop with the Mikan-chan fanboying. How can I put it… This episode’s theme is, erm, youth, I suppose.

Loli: Yes. Mikan-chan is a loli. A very good one. We also have Shinogi-san as a loli although she’s not quite as delicious as Mikan-chan.

Loli with a bokken is awesome.
She also calls herself “ore,” and that’s more awesome.
Too bad, she’s now an obaa-san.

Shota: Well, Minagi stays in his shota form for 10 years.

Wait… Something is really wrong here.

Brat: Mikan-chan is a brat. Well, she’s a Katsuragi brat, meaning that she can use some exotic god-pacifying skillz. She also has brattish attitudes like “I want to be useful,” and “Aww… Why did Honami onee-chan have to interfere?” Oh, yes, she’s a spoiled brat with typical spoiled brat antics. That’s cute as long as I don’t have to babysit her.

Feel my brattish wrath.

Pedophilia: There’s nothing of that sort in the anime, but I must have read too much eromanga that I couldn’t see the following scenes without thinking about something weird.

No!!!!! Itsuki!!!!! Not Mikan-chan!!!!!

Your Old Nekketsu Tokusatsu/Shounen Manga Cliches: First, Takeminakata-no-Kami is your classic tokusatsu villain. He announces his name once he appears. He waits until Mikan completes her chanting before he attack. His aramitama is supposed to be wrathful, but, hey, he actually takes time to ask who the saniwa is.

I shall stand still until this girl I can swat like a fly completes a chant that can seal me for years to come.

Second, the remember-what-all-your-friends-said-to-you-and-get-the-strength-to-beat-up-the-enemy. is there, in all its glory.

This is where strength come from:

Honami: Well, Honami is not quite as youthful as Mikan, but her blushing is much more deadly. I was like “MOE!!!” when I saw the following scene:

All in all, this is a pretty enjoyable episode. Kuroha is hawt. Honami is as cute as usual. The Kagezaki guy is creepy, gives out bad guy aura, but seems to be a good guy. The only thing I found annoying was how dumb the Takeminakata-no-Kami was as it made the fight scene dull.

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